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UFC Velvet Welcomes Thai Audiences on Instagram

UFC Velvet Instagram Campaign to Help Ecommerce | Digital 38

Thai milk brand UFC Velvet recently launched its official Instagram account, and has immediately run a campaign, a great example Ecommerce owners should pay attention to.

UFC Velvet, with the help of digital marketing agency, went live on Instagram to reach out to audiences in Thailand. Part of the strategy’s goal was to direct social media users to UFC Velvet’s official website to learn more about the brand and its products.  In turn, they were able to not only reach out to more audiences. But they were also able to boost their brand awareness efforts in Thailand. 

About UFC Velvet   

UFC stands for Universal Food Public Company. Founded in 1969, it is one of Thailand’s oldest and leading processor, manufacturer and distributor of processed fruits and vegetables, beverages and sauce and seasoning.  

UFC Velvet is their product line of plant-based milk, providing conscious consumers an alternative to traditional dairy products.  

Why My Online Business Needs Social Media Presence? 

When you plan to establish your brand’s presence on the internet, having an Ecommerce site is a great first step. But you must always remember that in order to drive traffic and sales, you need people visiting your site regularly. This is why brands engage in social media tactics such as running an Instagram campaign to help their Ecommerce grow.  

With the right social media marketing plans, you can turn users into buyers, and engagements into conversions. 

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Holistic Ecommerce Solutions  

Managing an online business is not an easy feat by means. It can be a time-consuming venture. And it can get really complicated, especially if you don’t know where to start or you don’t have the right people to guide you. 

This is why here in Digital 38, we provide brands end-to-end Ecommerce solutions, from site creation and management to planning social media marketing campaigns. With over 15 years in experience, we have helped more than 100 brands expand in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).  

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