Ecommerce: A Beginner’s Guide to Google Shopping Ads

Ecommerce: A Beginner’s Guide to Google Shopping Ads | Digital 38

Get to know more about Google Shopping Ads and how it can help your Ecommerce business accomplish more.  

Overview: Google Shopping Ads 

Google is the world’s most popular and widely used search engine. It is basically the first thing internet users visit when accessing the web. With millions of internet users hitting the search bar every minute, it’s no wonder why brands are also capitalising on the platform. 

For quite some time now, Google has offered its services and platform to help businesses, including Ecommerce ones, reach out to more markets and establish strong, brand presence online.  

Aside from enabling brands to publish and manage search ads, the tech giant also lets you scale up your campaign with Google Shopping Ads.  Read on as we discuss with you some of its benefits.  

Benefits of Google Shopping Ads

1. Gain More Exposure

Similar to Google Search Ads, Google Shopping Ads are placed prominently on the topmost portion of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), enabling you to gain more exposure and ultimately, generate more traffic and conversions for your Ecommerce site.  

2. Connect with Motivated Buyers

On top of having more visibility on the internet, Google Shopping Ads lets you upload photos and put descriptions about your products. These features, in turn, will help you connect with motivated buyers. 

Shopping Ads are triggered when an internet user enters a keyword relating to the brand or product.  

3. Helps You Optimise Costs

And just like Google Search Ads, you can set your budget on running Shopping Ads campaign according to your business goals. Brands will only have to pay every time an internet user clicks the link to your site, or views your Google Merchant Center inventory.  

Launch Your Google Shopping Campaign  

If you want to learn more about how brands are leveraging Google for their marketing plans, check out our previous articles below. 

Or you can consult our team of digital marketing and Ecommerce specialists who can guide you in doing marketing campaigns on Google the right way. 

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