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Yuan Skincare Gives Back to Mother Nature with Latest Southeast Asia Campaign

Yuan Skincare Gives Back to Mother Nature with Latest Southeast Asia Campaign

Taiwanese beauty brand Yuan Skincare wants to share its vision and values on sustainable living to its customers in Southeast Asia, and that’s what their latest campaign is all about.  

In its latest campaign, Yuan Skincare urges consumers in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) to help save Mother Earth, particularly marine life. The brand launched Blue Hope Project to raise awareness about how harmful single-use plastic can be to aquatic creators. Launched during Earth Day, it aims to encourage consumers in Singapore to adapt an eco-friendlier lifestyle with their handmade, cold-processed bar soaps as a start.  

Unlike commercially produced soaps, cold-processed ones do not come in plastic wraps and bottles, the types of refuse most likely to end up in rivers and oceans.  

Shoppers who choose to support Blue Hope Project can get three of Yuan Skincare’s best-selling, cold-processed bar soaps. And for every purchase made, SG $10 goes to Blue Hope Fund that supports water sustainability initiatives for Mekong River. The historic Mekong River has been dubbed as the ‘River of Plastic’ but it remains a crucial source of livelihood for residents in Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

Yuan Skincare’s Blue Hope Project not only amplified the brand’s mission, vision and goals. But it also enabled the Taiwanese soap to increase its brand value. As a result, they were able to widen their presence as well as improve sales in the Southeast Asian region. 

About Yuan Skincare 

Yuan Skincare is an award-winning skincare brand originating in Taiwan. Their commitment to providing clean, natural and herb-based handmade soaps, haircare products, and skincare products enabled them to showcase the value of preserving the benefits and healing properties of Chinese medicinal herbs. 

You can check them out through their official website:  

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