Live Selling on Shopee: Yuan Skincare’s Solution in Tapping Malaysian Markets

Live Selling on Shopee: Yuan Skincare’s Solution in Tapping Malaysian Markets | Digital 38

Did you know you can do live selling on Shopee? Let’s take a look at how Taiwanese brand, Yuan Skincare, leveraged this opportunity to tap into Malaysian markets. 

Yuan Skincare’s Shopee Live for Malaysia  

Yuan Skincare made an impressive mark when it decided to expand outside its origin country, and reach out to key markets in Southeast Asia. In a span of six months, they were able to establish a strong presence in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. And their strategy? Well, it’s combining the powers of Ecommerce, influencer marketing and live selling, which happens to be a growing trend in the region.  

Yuan Skincare partnered with Malaysian host and online personality Jessica How for a 30-minute Shopee Live session to introduce their brand and products to Malaysian consumers.  

The live stream event enabled Yuan Skincare to achieve multiple Ecommerce functions in one go such as showcasing their best-selling products and highlighting their brand value to thousands of Shopee Malaysia users tuning on the app.  

Additionally, Shopee Live also allowed the brand to interact with consumers in real-time. Doing so, they launched several customer retention strategies such as giveaways and special pricing offers exclusively for those watching the live stream.  

Overall, Yuan Skincare managed to provide an impressive and enriching online shopping experience for their new customers.  

The Shopee Live session with Jessica generated over 200 views.  

Live Selling on Shopee  

Ecommerce brands and businesses are now paying close attention to live selling. What initially started out as an event in free-to-air TV channels, live selling is now making waves in the digital world.  

With mobility restrictions in place, the internet served as a perfect opportunity for brands to keep in touch with their audiences. And what better way to mimic in-mall shopping experiences than launch a real-time livestreaming session, with influencers, key opinion leaders and even A-list celebrities at the forefront – or more specifically, store front.  

And here in Southeast Asia, a leading market in Ecommerce, big names such as Shopee are also doing live selling on their platforms, thanks to their in-app feature called Shopee Live.  

Shopee Live makes it easier for brands to do live selling. You don’t need to update your inventory manually every time a buyer checks out a product during the live event. Shopee will automatically do it for you. On top of this, Shopee lets you host challenges and mini-events for your live selling session including special sales and promos.  

If you want to know more about Shopee Live, you can read our articles below.  

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