Douyin vs.TikTok: A Beginner’s Guide to China Digital Marketing
China Digital Marketing

Douyin vs. TikTok: A Beginner’s Guide to China Digital Marketing

Douyin vs. TikTok: A Beginner’s Guide to China Digital Marketing | Digital 38

If you want to take a dive into the landscape of China’s digital marketing, then you need to know about Douyin vs.TikTok. While both apps are owned by the same developer, learning how one differentiates the other can be helpful for your brand’s growth in China.  


Both Douyin and TikTok are developed by Beijing-based Bytedance. Their functions and purpose are similar – and that is they allow content creators, from all walks of life, to publish short form videos.  

The two also enjoy surging popularity. In China, Douyin is considered one of the biggest social media sites, in terms of active user base. The same goes with TikTok for the rest of the world. In fact, TikTok has taken the social media world by storm when in 2021, it breached the 1 billion-mark in its userbase, a remarkable feat not seen in other social networking sites launched earlier. 

More and more audiences ae using Douyin and TikTok on a regular basis. And this is why developers from Bytedance have also allowed businesses to run video ads on their platforms. You can launch video ad campaigns on Douyin or in TikTok.  


Douyin and TikTok indeed have several similarities but it is also equally important to find out their differences. In doing so, brands may be able to navigate the ecosystems in Chinese social media, and come up with more efficient and effective strategies for their expansions.  

Without further ado, here are the things that set Douyin and TikTok apart.   

1. Geographical Location

Douyin was intended specifically for users within Mainland China. That’s why its language is Chinese. The distinction between Douyin and TikTok is not only limited in terms of geography but also in its respective userbase. Douyin users cannot interact with those on TikTok, and vice-versa. Furthermore, each has a different set of policies for sign-ups. The geographical borders

2. Special Features and Functions

Since Chinese audiences are a different market altogether, Bytedance has rolled out special features and functions exclusive on Douyin only. These included Ecommerce functions such as an in-app shopping experience. Livestreams on Douyin can do live selling wherein watchers can directly order the items showcased. This is also made possible with its own payment system called DouyinPay. On top of these, Douyin also has Mini Douyin Programs which enabled brands to open an online store within the app.  

Get Started on China Digital Marketing  

With a tech-savvy population of 1.4-billion, China is an opportunity brands should not ignore. And knowing the right channels to reach out and connect with Chinese audiences have proven vital for a business’ expansion plans.  

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