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Bring It On! SportSG Hypes Up 2021 LCDC on TikTok

SportSG – Get Active TikTok Ads: Singapore | Digital 38

This year’s Lion City Dance Convention (LCDC) is heating up as Sport Singapore (SportSG) ignites the excitement on TikTok with its latest media campaign. 

SportSG – Get Active TikTok Ads: Singapore | Digital 38

SportSG deployed digital marketing tactics in driving traffic and awareness for this year’s LCDC. As a result, it enabled the institution to reach out to audiences in Singapore through multiple touchpoints – from Google Display Network to TikTok.  

It is also quite interesting to note how SportSG turned to TikTok not only to tap young adult audiences.

But also to showcase the highlights of LCDC 2021 through a series of quick and interactive 15-seconder videos, calling young Singaporeans to vote for their favorite LCDC dance crew. 

TikTok in Singapore 

TikTok has emerged as the latest worldwide sensation in the social media arena. And its popularity is also evident in Singapore.  

Based on the 2020 Data Reportal findings, TikTok has entered the Top 10 widely used social media platforms in the city-state.

Image Source: Data Reportal

In addition, it ranked 4th as the mobile app with the greatest number of downloads in 2020.  

Image Source: Data Reportal

So why should brands pay close attention to its meteoric rise? The answer is pretty obvious. TikTok serves as an opportunity for you to grow –  by effectively connecting with today’s younger generations.  

Hundreds of brands have leveraged TikTok to tap young adults in Southeast Asia. Know more about it by clicking the case studies below.

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