NYP Goes to TikTok for a Fun & Engaging e-Open House
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NYP Goes to TikTok for a Fun & Engaging e-Open House

TikTok Top View Ads featuring NYP of Singapore  | Digital 38

Higher education institution Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) found the answer for charging up its virtual 2021 Open House: launching TikTok Topview Ads targeted towards students in Singapore. 

NYP published TikTok Topview Ads, the platform’s sweetest and most prominent advertising format, to promote its 2021 e-Open House to young adults in Singapore. 

TikTok Topview Ads are not your average social media ads. It’s the first thing that will greet users when opening the app on their mobile phones.  

TikTok Top View Ads featuring NYP of Singapore | Digital 38

A premium video ad format, Topview Ads pop out as organic content during its first 3 seconds then vividly transforms into In-Feed Ads format. It will then remain as the first video pinned on For You Page.  

With TikTok Topview Ads, NYP was able to spread word about its e-Open House to its desired target audience in Singapore in a fast and engaging way. 

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TikTok and Today’s Youth 

TikTok may be a relatively newcomer to the social media sphere but brands should not underestimate its potential and the tons of opportunities it can provide for your overall growth strategy.  

Its number of monthly active users recently reached 1 billion, a rate not seen in other equally famous social media platforms. And a large portion of this userbase happen to be members of today’s youth, particularly those age between 18 to 32 years old.  

TikTok continues to attract the younger demographics, making it the most preferred channel to reach out to adolescents and young adults like students eligible to enroll in polytechnic universities. 

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