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What is SEM and Why It’s Essential for Your Ecommerce Business?

What is SEM and Why It’s Essential for Your Ecommerce? | Digital 38

Brands are stepping up their digital marketing strategies, including SEM, as competition in the Ecommerce industry gets tougher nowadays. Read on as we discuss what SEM is about, and why it’s a must for your Ecommerce business.

What is SEM?  

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), often referred to as paid search or pay-per-click, is a type of search marketing strategy. Its primary goal is to drive traffic to your Ecommerce site, which is also the objective of its twin – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  

The most obvious characteristic that sets SEM apart from SEO is that in activating the former, you have to pay whereas the latter is usually free. But brands must take note that they should not base their digital marketing decision on this difference alone.  

Because the results and benefits of deploying SEM tactics for your Ecommerce business are not the same with those you can get from doing SEO.  

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Why is SEM Important in Ecommerce? 

What is SEM and Why It’s Essential for Your Ecommerce? | Digital 38

SEM, when leveraged effectively and efficiently, can be a big factor for your brand’s overall growth. 

Customers nowadays almost always use search engines when looking for products and even in brand discovery. Just by typing in a couple of keywords, the internet leads them to millions of leads on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

And in SERP is where brands fight it out with their competitors.  

Here are some reasons why SEM is important for Ecommerce.

1. Securing the Best Spots on SERP

Search bots usually ranked the most relevant and trustworthy results on the top portions of the SERP.  

The higher the rank on the SERP, the higher your chances of getting exposure to hundreds, even thousands, of potential customers using the internet in a regular basis.  

You can achieve this by ensuring your online stores have good SEO scores but doing so could take some time. This is when SEM comes in. 

With paid search, your Ecommerce site is guaranteed to have a spot on the top of SERPs, without having to do all the processes SEO usually requires. 

More often than not, search engines like Google offer SEM through bidding keywords on their Google Ads platform.  

If you want to know more about how SEM functions for businesses, you can give us a call anytime. 

2. Produces Results Quickly

SEM not only enables brands to get the sweetest spots on SERPs but also, you can expect results and analytics within a matter of days after strategising them. And these information would certainly help you determine the right direction for your business to grow. 

Some of the benefits you can expect when strategising SEM for your Ecommerce business included not only improvement in traffic but also in conversions and sales. 

3. Budget Friendly 

One of the many advantages of having SEM as part of your digital marketing plan is that it’s budget friendly. Most SEM providers will only ask you to pay every time a user clicks your URL when advertised on SERPs. Hence, its moniker pay-per-click.  

This is why it’s ideal as a short-term strategy, and for brands that have just established their online presence.  

Start Doing SEM with Digital 38  

Here’s Why Your Online Business Needs Search Engine Marketing | Digital 38

When done right, search marketing tactics like SEM is a sure-way fire for your brand to land on the front page of every search engine. As a result, you can gain massive advantage over your competitors, even if you have to pay for every click.  

And if you need some expert guidance and assistance in building up your SEM plans, then we’re here for you. 

Contact Digital 38 today to learn how we can offer you customised search marketing packages for your business’ goals.  

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