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Clarios Expands Presence in Southeast Asia

Clarios Expands Presence in Southeast Asia | Digital 38

American automotive company Clarios is expanding its digital footprint in Southeast Asia, and has chosen search and display ads to help them connect with the relevant audience and boost brand awareness. 

Clarios is on a mission to introduce its Varta brand of car batteries to consumers in Southeast Asia. In particular, consumers from Singapore and Vietnam. Doing so, the US-based firm launched search and display ads to spread the word online, and drive sales. 

Ads featuring Varta were published on selected search and display network platforms. Interested audiences and internet users will then be redirected to a dedicated landing page that contains more information about the Varta brand.  

But more than this, search and display ads enabled Clarios to narrow down their audience, and ensure that their message and content reaches the right people.  

Search and display ads’ flexibility and customisation also allowed Clarios to do some retargeting to further optimise results. Retargeting has become an essential strategy for brands and marketers alike, especially when it comes to entering new, large and diverse markets.  

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Southeast Asia is a market teeming with tons and tons of opportunities. As long as you have the right strategies, and go in the right direction, your brand can achieve more. And definitely, do more.  

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