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An Essential Guide on Paid Search Ads for Your Ecommerce

An Essential Guide on Paid Search Ads for Your Ecommerce | Digital 38

There are dozens, if not thousands, of solutions available that will help your Ecommerce succeed to greater heights, and paid search ads are one of them.  

What are Paid Search Ads?  

Paid search ads are ads that appear on the topmost portion of the search engine results page (SERP). They function similarly with SEO tactics whose objective is to rank your website on the front page of every SERP.  

To distinguish SEO from paid search ads, the latter usually come in website links with the word box ‘Ad’ right beside it. These ads are triggered when user inputs the keyword that advertisers use to link them to their target audience. 

Paid search ads are often called Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Businesses that engage in this type of marketing strategy will only have to pay every time a user clicks the advertised links or photos. 

Why I Need it For My Ecommerce Business?  

In Ecommerce, it’s not enough to open a virtual shop or your official website where customers can buy products from you directly.  

You need to attract internet users to visit your site in order to drive traffic which can be translated into sales. And one of the most effective ways in doing it is to launch paid search ads campaign.  

Through PPC strategies, your online store can improve its visibility on SERPs which in turn can help you increase traffic, clicks and conversions without breaking the bank.  

Paid search ads are among the most cost-efficient Ecommerce marketing solutions out there. Most search engines like Google provide you with the ability to control how much you can spend on each campaign.  

Aside from simply putting links to your websites on the sweetest spot on every SERP, did you know you can also launch PPC ad campaigns featuring photos of your products?  

Yes, with Google Search Network, you have the option to showcase images of your items for sale. Called Google Shopping Ads, this type of paid search ad often comes up when users type a product’s brand or type.  

If you want to know more about Google Shopping Ads, you can click the articles below. But if you need expert help in getting started with it, then let us assist you.  

Paid Search Solutions for Your Ecommerce 

Ecommerce owners and marketers alike should always remember that when it comes to online shopping, buyers always turn to search bars. Launch your paid search campaign for your Ecommerce today with the help of Google-certified partners like Digital 38.  

Schedule an appointment with us today to learn more.

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Search Marketing

Why SEO is Important for Healthcare Providers?

Why SEO is Important for Healthcare Providers, Like Hospitals? | Digital 38

Widespread use of the internet led to more and more people relying on the web for health-related information, and if you want to know more on how to tap this opportunity, read on to learn how SEO can help healthcare providers such as hospitals attract more patients.  

What is SEO’s Role in the Medical Industry?  

Even in the healthcare and medical industries, digital marketing has become an essential aspect to reach out to future patients, and establishing your brand’s authority in this highly competitive field.  

You can execute tons of digital marketing strategies, such as video ads or curating your social media feeds, to help your hospital or clinic soar to new heights. But nothing can top off SEO’s effectiveness. 

For medical practitioners and key-decision makers in healthcare institutions, SEO can be the key to boost internet visibility and generate high-quality leads.  

SEO is not only about bumping up your hospital or diagnostic center’s website to the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It’s also about driving quality traffic, sustainably in the long run. In turn, you can expect more patients to visit your website and acquire relevant information about your healthcare services.  

Without SEO, you’d be missing out on the opportunity of tapping new patients using the internet on a daily basis. In fact, patients nowadays use online services and platforms twice as much as referrals when searching health-related information, including healthcare services.  

Key Benefits 

If you want to find out what’s in store for you, below are some of the key benefits you can get when using SEO tactics for your organization.  

Better Patient Acquisition and Retention

When done efficiently, SEO strategies can generate high-quality leads. One of the logics behind this is that SEO allows you to narrow down your target audience. This is ideal for healthcare institutions with highly specialized services.  

For example, if you are the proprietor of a diagnostic center, patients in your area looking for diagnostic centers, or other related services, can find your website on search engine platforms like Google, Yahoo or Bing!

Powerful Brand Awareness Efforts

SEO can also provide you with the much-needed boost to widen your brand awareness. At the start, your SEO tactics may still not bear fruit. However, if your site is enjoying consistent exposure on the top portions of the SERPs, it can improve your visibility online.  

Budget Friendly

You cannot deny that sometimes marketing plans can be really expensive. And it is one of the reasons why owners and managers of healthcare service providers hesitate investing in one. For the financially conscious ones, SEO can be a great alternative to traditional and more well-known marketing strategies like paid TV ads.  

In most cases, you only need to shell out funds during the first stages of your SEO campaign. Once you have highly optimised your site – from the landing page down to your contact form – you may no longer have to spend another dime to attract new patients and keep the loyalty of your existing patient base. 

Start Doing SEO for Your Website Today 

As long as it’s done right, SEO can be beneficial for players in the healthcare industry, such as hospitals. If you want to know about other digital marketing strategies, click the articles below.  

Or you can schedule an appointment with SEO specialists from Digital 38. Our team’s solid understanding on search marketing has supported dozens of brands in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in achieving their business goals. 

Contact us today.  

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