Beware of Scams Exploiting the Digital38 Name

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Digital 38 is compelled to address the public regarding unauthorized individuals falsely claiming to represent the company and engaging in fraudulent activities. This notice serves as a stern warning to all, shedding light on the deceptive tactics employed by dubious accounts on social networking sites misusing the company’s name for scam activities.

Digital 38 clarifies that it neither authorizes nor engages in the recruitment of individuals for commissions or any related job scams. The company has identified suspicious accounts leveraging its name for fraudulent activities, indicating a concerning trend on various social platforms.

Digital 38 makes it explicitly clear that it does not engage in investment activities on platforms such as Telegram, and any claims suggesting otherwise are false. The company urges the public to verify investment opportunities associated with its name and report any suspicious activities immediately.

Official Application Channels:

To maintain transparency and ensure the legitimacy of applications, Digital 38 accepts job applications exclusively through its official websites – and Prospective employees are advised to steer clear of unauthorized recruitment channels.

Repeat Offenses and Past Notices:

This unfortunate incident isn’t the first time Digital 38 has been dragged into fraudulent activities. The company has previously issued notices to alert the public about similar scams. Interested individuals can find more information and past warnings by following the links below:

Digital 38 urges individuals who have encountered or experienced similar fraudulent activities not to click on any links provided by the dubious accounts. Instead, the public is encouraged to report such instances to relevant authorities promptly. Additionally, individuals can reach out to Digital 38 directly through this link to share any information related to these scams.


Beware of Job Scams: Misuse of IH Digital’s Name by Fraudsters in WhatsApp

We have recently discovered that unscrupulous individuals are exploiting the company name of IH Digital, a member of Digital 38 group, to perpetrate job scams. It is important to be aware of these fraudulent activities and take necessary precautions to protect yourself from falling victim to such job scams.

Steer clear of WhatsApp Paying Survey Scams to protect your privacy and security. As the popularity of messaging platforms like WhatsApp continues to rise, so does the risk of falling victim to scams. One prevalent scam involves fraudulent paying surveys on WhatsApp, where scammers trick users into providing personal information or making payments. IH Digital does not recruit individuals for paid surveys. We prioritize fair and transparent recruitment practices, and any claims suggesting otherwise are false. If you are interested in joining IH Digital, we encourage you to explore our official career page or reach out to us directly.

If you come across any suspicious activities or receive misleading offers claiming to be associated with IH Digital’s recruitment process, we strongly encourage you to report them. Notify us through our official communication channels, providing relevant details and any evidence you may have. Your assistance helps us take appropriate action and protect others from falling victim to scams.

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Important Notice: Avoid Scams Or Malicious Links Using IH Digital Company Name

Scam Alert | IH Digital

It has come to our attention that there are people using the company name of IH Digital, a member of Digital 38 group, and website links similar to our company website link for job-scams. One such a scam link is:

We advise everyone NOT TO CLICK ON IT.

We have reported this scam to the police on 25 January 2022.

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