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KLEVV Expands Presence in Southeast Asia

With the help of digital marketing agency, KLEVV Expands Presence in Asia-Pacific | Digital 38

Hong Kong-based tech firm KLEVV is ramping up its brand awareness efforts in Southeast Asia to drive its Ecommerce business with the help of a digital marketing agency. 

KLEVV deployed social media and influencer marketing tactics in the region to promote their newest offerings and products, particularly high-end, designed-for-gaming solid state drives (SSDs). 

The brand engaged with selected key opinion leaders (KOLs) in the gaming industries in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines to showcase their products to gamers from these markets.  

With the help of digital marketing agency, KLEVV Expands Presence in Asia-Pacific | Digital 38

KOLs from Tech Critter, Back2Gaming, JagatReview, Nerd Review, MurdockCruz, Overclock Zone, Notebook Spec, to name some, also published reviews of KLEVV’s latest devices, providing audiences with more knowledge about the brand and its products. 

On top of this, KLEVV tapped the expertise of a digital marketing agency to also launch social media marketing campaigns, and public relation strategies to support their entry into Southeast Asian markets. And also, to boost their presence in the region.  

About KLEVV 

KLEVV is the memory-manufacturing arm of Hong Kong’s Essencore Limited. Established in 2015, KLEVV is known for providing memory processors designed to give gamers an enhanced gaming experience. Learn more about KLEVV by visiting their official website. 

Ecommerce in Southeast Asia  

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