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Ecommerce Upgraded: Absolute Siam Does Collaborative Ads in Thailand | Digital 38

Elevate your Ecommerce venture by doing collaborative ads, and check out how Absolute Siam from Thailand aced it.  

Absolute Siam’s Campaign for Lazada, Shopee 

Thai boutique shop Absolute Siam kicked off the year with special promotions and sale events on their official Lazada and Shopee stores. And in order to spread awareness about them, the brand launched collaborative ads on Facebook and Instagram, targeting audiences in Thailand.  

But more than just announcing and promoting their latest offerings, collaborative ads enabled Absolute Siam to actually drive traffic and sales to their official Lazada and Shopee shops. Every time a user clicks the ad featuring Absolute Siam’s products on sale, they will be redirected to the brand’s Lazada and Shopee store.

About Absolute Siam

As one of Thailand’s most popular boutique shop, Absolute Siam is a multi-label store offering the latest collections from Thai designers. They are currently based in Siam Center in Bangkok. You can check out their recent products by clicking this link.  

Launching Collaborative Ads  

If you’re looking for solutions to promote your brand and products to a wider extent, then you should consider launching Collaborative Ads. These are dynamic ads found on Meta-owned platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.  

And what’s so great about Collaborative Ads? For one, they look exactly like the native ads published on Meta but instead of directing users to your official Facebook and Instagram accounts, they lead potential buyers to your Ecommerce shops. And even to your official site!  

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