Inspire & Convince: Why Influencers Can Help Your B2B Marketing Plans?
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Inspire, Convince & Convert: Why Influencers Can Help Your B2B Marketing Strategies?

Why Influencer Marketing Services Work? | Digital 38

Influencer marketing is still a hit not only to tap consumers but also decision-makers from businesses of all sizes, and in this article, let’s take a deeper dive about B2B influencer marketing services.  

The Hype Around Influencer Marketing  

Consumers of today are more empowered compared to previous generations. Savvy brands know that in effectively reaching out to potential customers, direct and hard selling methods may no longer work.  

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With access to loads of information at their fingertips, convincing your average buyer why they should purchase your products can be quite difficult. And in response, brands and marketers have devised other means to attract present markets. 

And lo and behold came the influencers. Influencers, also referred to as key opinion leaders (KOLs), altogether, have proven themselves to be a fresh and successful approach in engaging with audiences. Particularly on the internet.  

KOLs possess one ability that traditional advertising and marketing tactics do not have. And that is establishing trust in consumers fast. In fact, a survey from Nielsen showed that 92% of modern consumers trust individuals over businesses and brands.  

Influencer Marketing in the B2B World


Influencer marketing services commonly revolve among business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing strategies. But did you know you can also do it for business-to-business (B2B)?  

When executing influencer marketing tactics for B2B purposes, the core objectives of those applied among B2C remain the same. In the B2C arena, consumers model their purchasing decisions from influencers and KOLs.  

The same thing goes for the B2B world. The only difference there is that brands should be able to find key individuals that can relate to their audiences on a professional level.

For influencer marketing to be effective in a B2B setting, you must always take note that your target market has deeper industry-related knowledge than your average online shopper. They are managers, executives, and other earth-shakers.  

Why It’s Beneficial for Your Business? 

Now that we have covered the basics of B2B influencer marketing, let’s walk you through some of its benefits.  

1. High Quality Content

Opinions and insights from your influencers can actually help you generate high quality content. More often than not, brands seek the help of KOLs to find solutions to the pain points of their target market.  

2. Pump Credibility

With a niche following who look up and trust them for their advice, influencers and KOLs can pump your brand’s credibility more than common marketing and public relations can do. And most importantly, decision makers would most likely do business with people who they can trust and relate to.  

3. Increase Conversions

Even in the B2B world, influencer marketing can help you improve conversions. Engaging with influencers and KOLs for your brand can potentially drive traffic to your website. And ultimately, improve engagements and even conversion among your target audiences.  

Connecting with Influencers  

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