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Unione’s Miga Chu Luv Collabs with Mizi Comel in Introducing Halal Instant Tteokbokki

Influencer in Malaysia: Mizi Comel for Unione’s Miga Chu Luv Instant Tteokbokki

Korean food manufacturer Unione is committed on bringing Korea’s colorful and flavorful food scene to Southeast Asia as it partners with a top influencer from Malaysia in introducing its instant tteokbokki to consumers there. 

Unione collaborated with Korean influencer Mizi Comel in promoting its Miga Chu Luv, their Halal-certified, instant tteokbokki brand to markets in Malaysia. Mizi, with over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube and 10,000 followers on Instagram, did an 11-minute video review and mukbang featuring Miga Chu Luv.


And to establish stronger and deeper connection with their target audience, Mizi made her review and mukbang vlog in Bahasa Malaysia, much to the delight of Malaysian audiences who have an affinity on Korean culture and cuisine.  

The video, published on YouTube, generated over 15,000 views.  

All in all, Unione’s partnership with Mizi helped them increase brand awareness of Miga Chu Luv before markets in Malaysia.  

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