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Case Study: How Tapping China’s Social Media Scene Can Boost Your Campaign?

Weibo & WeChat Marketing ft. ST Signature from Singapore | Digital 38

If you’re planning to widen your presence and connect with markets from China, then check out this case study about ST Signature’s Weibo and WeChat marketing strategies to welcome back visitors to Singapore.  

Weibo & Influencers 

Singaporean boutique hostel and hotel chain ST Signature has reopened their doors to tourists returning the Lion City. And they have their sights set on Chinese travelers who are eager to set foot on the city-state after two years in lockdown. 

But they need to engage with a market that is based overseas in order to attract visitors to come to Singapore, and stay in one of their properties. ST Signature, in turn, chose to leverage China’s social media platforms such as Weibo. 

Recently, the brand engaged with Weibo’s top influencers such as @窜天猴popo, @我是王淳, @Grace的幻境 to spread the word about their latest offerings, the excitement and the adventure that await every Chinese traveler in Singapore.  

Weibo & WeChat Marketing ft. ST Signature from Singapore | Digital 38

The influencers’ posts generated the kind of interaction and discussion needed to help ST Signature boost their visibility among Chinese markets. The hotel chain’s two-day Weibo campaign accumulated over 5,000 interactions, and was shared more than 2,500 times.  

WeChat Ads 

Weibo & WeChat Marketing ft. ST Signature from Singapore | Digital 38

Aside from Weibo, ST Signature also launched its official and verified WeChat account to widen its reach among Chinese markets.  

Having an official WeChat account can be handy for brands that want to establish a strong presence among Chinese markets. Not only does it serve as a channel to boost brand awareness efforts. But also, you can launch ads that can be optimised according to your goals. 

In the case of ST Signature, they had their official WeChat account verified as a competitive advantage, distinguishing itself from the rest of its competitors. Also, they were able to execute several WeChat ads campaigns to increase traffic and conversions on their official booking site.  

Weibo and WeChat are among top social networking sites in China. If you’re curious to find out more about other social media platforms in China’s digital marketing landscape, you can read our previous articles. Click the links below.

Know More About China’s Social Media Sphere

China’s tech-savvy population of 1.4 billion is definitely an opportunity brands, both regional and global, should not miss.  

Despite the absence of other popular platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, homegrown ones like leveraging Weibo and WeChat as part of your marketing plans, like what ST Signature from Singapore demonstrated, can help you engage with the right audiences. And ultimately, support your business’ growth.  

But if you need professional guidance in exploring China’s social media communities, then you’ve come to the right place.  

Contact us today, and let Digital 38’s dedicated team of China digital marketing specialists assist you.

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