Expand Your Reach in China: Why Advertise on TouTiao? | Digital 38
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Expand Your Reach in China: Why Advertise on TouTiao?

Expand Your Reach in China: Running Ads on TouTiao | Digital 38

Did you know that Chinese social news aggregator platform Jinri Toutiao allows brands to run ads to help them extent their reach in China? 

You read that right. You can publish ads on Jinri TouTiao, popularly known as Toutiao. And in doing so, can help you tap more audiences and expand your presence in Greater China. 

Advertising on TouTiao  

As a news and information aggregator, TouTiao lets you run ads on their platform without looking like those annoying and intrusive pop-up ads you commonly find in other websites.  

To get started, you must need an official account on ByteDance, TouTiao’s parent company. If you need help in setting up, don’t worry. Let our TouTiao specialists handle that.  

Types of TouTiao Ads  

There are three categories of TouTiao Ads. These are Takeover and TopView Ads, In-Feed Ads, and Detail Page Ads. We will discuss each one of them below. 

1. Takeover & TopView  

The Takeover and TopView is considered as the premium type of TouTiao ad format. They are the first ones displayed every time a user opens the app. And it maximises the entire screen, giving your brand that ultimate strong, visual impact.  

TopView Ads, on the other hand, is relatively similar with the Takeover format as it utilises a full-screen display. And it is also the first video top appear on a user’s feed, around three to five seconds.

The only difference is that it seamlessly integrates the video ad as part of a user’s In-Feed page.

2. In-Feed Ads

In-Feed Ads is the most popular type of ad format on TouTiao. This is because these ads will be shown organically, as if they are part of the AI-generated feed on the user’s homepage.  

In addition, you can customise how your In-Feed banners will look like. If you’re interested to know more about In-Feed Ads, contact us today.  

3. Detail Page Ads 

The third category of TouTiao Ads are Detail Page Ads. This format covers ads displayed according to a user’s search behavior. And they can come in various ways. Detail Page Ads can be shown as a banner, a mini-video, a gallery, to name some.  

Detail Page Ads are ideal for brands that are engaged in Ecommerce, and want to promote their products and services among TouTiao’s 0.3 billion monthly active users.  

China: An Opportunity Not to be Missed  

Many regional and global brands are setting foot on China. Not just because of its huge, tech-savvy population. But also due to the presence of homegrown channels that will help you connect with the country’s 1.4 billion consumers.  

China may be devoid of other internationally popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But the presence of locally developed apps like Weibo, WeChat, and TouTiao make it possible for brands to tap into this opportunity.  

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Open Your TouTiao Account Today with Digital 38  

And if you’re planning to enter markets in China, or expand your presence among Chinese audiences, then you’ve come to the right place.  

Digital 38, as an Official Sales Partner of Bytedance, has supported dozens of local and international brands leverage TouTiao for their digital marketing needs.  

Schedule an appointment with us to know more. 

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