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TouTiao For Brands: Why You Should Advertise on One of China’s Leading News & Info App?

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China is one of the largest markets out there. And brands all over the world are more than eager to capture even a small portion of its tech-savvy population. If you’re wondering how to reach out to Chinese consumers effectively, then you must have heard about TouTiao. Read on as we discuss why this particular news and information app should be part of your digital marketing assets.  

Introducing TouTiao 

TouTiao, also called as Jinri TouTiao, is one of China’s largest sources of information, news, and entertainment.

Developed by Bytedance, it amassed over 279 million monthly active users (MAU) as of 2020, according to Statista. Its closest rival, Tencent News, has a MAU base of 295 million.  

TouTiao’s undeniably large user base is something brands and marketers alike should not ignore.  

Fortunately, TouTiao allows businesses to execute their digital marketing strategies on their platform, ultimately offering itself as an opportunity to connect with millions of Chinese users.

And below are some of the reasons why you must include TouTiao as part of your marketing strategies.  

1. It’s Being Used in a Daily Basis

As a content aggregator platform, people flock to TouTiao for their daily dose of news, information, and even entertainment. TouTiao’s daily average users (DAU) reached 120 million in 2020. Moreover, a Chinese netizen uses the app, on average, 12 times per day.  

2. CPC and CPM Rates are Cheaper

TouTiao also has one of the cheapest cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-thousand-impression (CPM) rates among equally popular Chinese social media platforms. 

In TouTiao, cost of CPC usually averages at RMB 0.6 while its CPM ranges between RMB 6 to 15.*  

If you want to know more about how to budget your pay-per-click (PPC) strategies on TouTiao, you can always give us a call anytime.  

*These are just rough estimates. Rates may vary from time to time. Contact our marketing specialists for the updated and more accurate details. 

3. Accurate Targeting 

Brands leveraging TouTiao for their marketing plans have various options on how to deploy their marketing tactics on the app, allowing for more accurate ways in targeting their desired audience. 

This is because TouTiao has a unique algorithm that analyzes the features of the contents, users and users’ interaction with the contents themselves, generating a tailored feed list of content and ads for each user. In turn, it narrows down your audience scope, and reduces chances of mis-targeting.  

Screenshots of BricsCAD ads published on TouTiao 

Launch Your TouTiao Ads with Digital 38  

Local channels and platforms like TouTiao have helped international brands reach out to billions of consumers in China effectively and efficiently. 

Want to learn more about China’s digital marketing landscape? Read our previous articles below. 

But with the help of specialists from Digital 38, we can guide you in the right direction towards your brand’s growth in China.  

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