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Bioré Men Gets Interactive with #RayaNampakMacho Contest on TikTok

TikTok Marketing in Malaysia: Bioré Men Gets Interactive with TikTok Campaign | Digital 38

International skincare brand Bioré is revving up its TikTok marketing campaign, driving engagements to its official account by launching a contest exclusive for male audiences in Malaysia.   

Bioré launched #RayaNampakMacho, Men’s Bioré Raya 2021 Video Contest on TikTok, encouraging users on the platform to join and win tons of prizes by getting creative on how to showcase Men’s Bioré products.  

The brand also deployed other marketing tactics that included publishing ads on Facebook, and tapping influencers in Malaysia to further spread the word about the contest at a wider scale.  

Learn more about how Bioré leveraged influencer marketing for #RayaNampakMacho by clicking the article from ATC, a member of Digital 38 group, below.  

In turn, Bioré was able to boost its brand awareness efforts in Malaysia at the same time reinforce customer loyalty.  

TikTok Marketing & Its Potential for Your Brand’s Growth 

Video marketing continues to be an effective strategy for brands to simultaneously interact with consumers and increase engagements, both of which are essential in building brand presence among markets.  

And TikTok is one of the best channels to execute your video marketing campaigns. Not only does it boast to have a large userbase – up to 1 billion as of October 2021 – but TikTok is also the social media gateway in connecting with members of today’s younger generations.  

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