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RP School of Hospitality Welcomes Future Students on TikTok

TikTok Marketing in Singapore: RP School of Hospitality Welcomes Future Students on TikTok | Digital 38

Higher learning institution Republic Polytechnic (RP) launched its TikTok marketing campaign to welcome future students for its School of Hospitality (SOH) in Singapore. 

SOH published a series of ads on TikTok, leveraging the platform’s OneDayMax and In-Feed Brand Premium formats as part of its marketing plans in reaching out to Singapore’s younger demographics.  

Screenshot of Republic Polytechnic – School of Hospitality’s (SOH) OneDayMax Ads on TikTok 

With OneDayMax Ads, RP was able to give SOH’s visibility a boost. Videos published through TikTok’s OneDayMax Ads format are automatically placed on the For You feed, and will appear as the first in-feed video.  

In addition, SOH also ran ads through TikTok’s Brand Premium Ads format, driving their video marketing game to another level. 

Brand Premium Ads lets businesses capture their target audience more accurately as it allows them to customise their targeting strategies. Brands can select their target market according to demographics, location, device, and basic interest levels.  

Screenshots of Republic Polytechnic – School of Hospitality’s (SOH) Brand Premium Ads on TikTok 

On top of these benefits, TikTok Brand Premium Ads are displayed in the Top 130 random video locations on the For You feed, giving brands the opportunity to gain more exposure.  

Why TikTok is An Important Marketing Instrument for Brands? 

TikTok may be a relatively new player in the social media scene but its meteoric rise in popularity should not be underestimated. 

As of October 2021, its number of monthly active users reached 1 billion, a rate not seen in other equally popular social media platforms.

Aside from its growing and huge userbase, TikTok has become the most effective channel where brands can introduce themselves to young adults and other members of the younger generations. 

This is why TikTok is an important marketing asset for higher education institutions in Singapore like RP.  

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