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Singapore’s NYP Greets Future Students on TikTok

NYP Greets Future Students through TikTok Ads - Singapore | Digital 38

Learn how Nanyang Polytechnic leveraged TikTok ads in reaching out to future students in Singapore. And how your brand can get started on connecting with millions of users in TikTok. 

NYP Launches Open House 2022, Chooses TikTok as Platform

Singaporean higher learning institute Nanyang Polytechnic is set to welcome new students to its fold. And they chose TikTok as the channel in reaching out to young audiences. 

For its Open House 2022, NYP published a series of TikTok Ads, targeted for young adults in Singapore. The Open House aims to inform and encourage students to pursue their higher education studies in one of the city-state’s premiere educational institutions.

Each TikTok video portrays what’s in store for students looking to further their studies. And what it’s like to live a poly life. It also provided tips for students on how to make admission and enrollment processes hassle-free.

TikTok OneDayMax Ads

NYP selected TikTok’s OneDayMax Ads as one of its platforms for its Open House 2022 campaign, targeting students in Singapore. OneDayMax Ads are usually the first in-feed video that appear every time a user opens the app.

After its 15 seconds are up, the video automatically becomes part of the user’s For You page for the day. OneDayMax Ads are ideal for brands looking to spread their message fast, and to a wide scale of audience.

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