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Why Your Business Should be on TikTok?

TikTok for Business: Level Up Your Advertising Game | Digital 38

TikTok is inarguably a worldwide sensation. And brands all over the world are not only paying attention to its meteoric rise but are also joining in on the action.  

TikTok’s Rapid Popularity 

TikTok, a product of Beijing tech giant Bytedance, is considered a gamechanger in today’s social media world.

It may be a newcomer but its rapid growth has shocked everyone. Lately, experts have correctly predicted that by 2021, its monthly active user base will reach 1 billion.  

Image Source: Data Reportal

According to the latest report from Data Reportal, TikTok is also the world’s No. 1 most downloaded mobile app as of October 2021. And it’s incredibly popular among young adults. Those belonging in the age group 18 to 24 years old comprise a large portion of its user base.  

TikTok for Business: What is it All About?  

These findings can surely perk up every business and marketer’s ears. And this is why TikTok decided to rollout TikTok for Business. 

TikTok Advertising: 3 Reasons Why It Can Help Your Brand Grow | Digital 38

From small-scale entrepreneurs to large, multinational companies, TikTok for Business serves as an opportunity for brands that want to step up their digital marketing game – by publishing interesting ads, providing an enriching customer experience, and engaging with audiences real-time, to name some.  

Check out these case studies on brands that have leveraged TikTok for their digital marketing initiatives.  

If you want to know more on how to navigate TikTok for Business, give us a call.

Why TikTok is Good for Your Business? 

1. Connect with Audience Easily

Brands can directly interact with their audiences in TikTok without breaking a sweat. More often than not, brands participate in hashtag challenges and other trends on the platform to boost their exposure to potential buyers.   

You can also start your own branded hashtag and themes to encourage users to join, ultimately drumming up brand awareness and engagements.  

2. It’s Video Marketing in Another Level 

Video marketing is a mega-trend that is unlikely to fade soon. As a matter of fact, it still reigns as the ‘King of Content’ in today’s internet age. Engaging and easy to digest, videos have the capacity to send your message across a wide scale of audience in a remarkably consistent manner.  

And launching your campaigns on TikTok will take your video marketing to another level. As a social media platform itself, TikTok offers businesses multiple options on customising their video marketing campaign. 

3. TikTok’s Growing 1 Billion Userbase 

TikTok’s userbase is growing at a rate never seen in other social media platforms. And in 2021, it’s still on the rise.

This meant that its monthly active user size of 1 billion will continue to expand in the coming months. And for businesses and marketers alike, huge audiences can be translated as opportunities.  

Embark on TikTok for Business with Digital 38  

Nanyang Polytechnic’s Verified TikTok Account

Video marketing on TikTok may sound easy but it definitely needs thorough planning in order for your execution to be effective and beneficial to your brand’s growth. And here in Digital 38, we’re ready to help you. 

We have a dedicated team of TikTok specialists, equipped with solid-understanding and skills on how to efficiently launch, manage and optimise your TikTok marketing campaigns.  

Contact us now to get started. 

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