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BricsCAD Amplifies Presence in China through Digital Marketing

BricsCad Strengthens Presence in China through digital marketing | Digital 38

Engineering design software provider Bricsys is amplifying its presence in China as it launched another round of digital marketing campaign for its computer-aided design (CAD) brand BricsCAD. 

Bricsys leveraged some of China’s widely used and popular social media platforms like Douyin and TouTiao to gain more exposure among designers, engineers – both professionals and aspiring ones – in the country.  

Screenshot of BricsCAD’s in-feed ad on Douyin 

They tapped Douyin, TikTok’s twin sister in China, to publish in-feed ads to reach out the younger demographics. At the same time, they also deployed pay-per-click strategy and in-feed advertising on TouTiao. 

Screenshot of BricsCAD’s ads on TouTiao  

TouTiao is a news and information content platform only available in China. Both Douyin and TouTiao are products of Beijing-based tech giant ByteDance.  

China’s Social Media: Close to 1 Billion Users 

Thanks to rapid advancements in technology, and a digitally literate population, China has attracted thousands of businesses around the world to introduce their brands to an audience of no less than 1.4 billion.  

Despite having no access to other globally popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, leading local apps like Douyin and TouTiao provided businesses channels to reach out to China’s close to 1 billion users, making it the world’s largest social media market according to Statista. 

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