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Malee’s Weibo Campaign in China

Malee's Weibo Campaign in China

Weibo is one of China’s most popular social networking sites. Seeing this as a marketing opportunity, Thai beverage brand Malee engaged its Chinese audience through Weibo marketing. And successfully, Malee was able to appeal to Weibo users, which resulted in increased user engagement.

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Weibo – An effective avenue to enter the Chinese market

In Digital 38 Vietnam’s previous articles about Weibo, we’ve highlighted why Weibo is an effective communication channel for foreign businesses.

In addition to its many new features, Weibo has also integrated an e-commerce feature with an aim to lift user retention.

Therefore, it is no surprise that Malee tapped into Weibo marketing to outreach Chinese customers through the platform.

But, what made the Weibo campaign successful for Malee? Here are some of the reasons why:

1. High-quality images

Malee maintains its strict standards of product images to uphold its branding. This is why investing in high-quality images is a must for the brand.

malee weibo creatives
Photo source: Digital 38 Vietnam

Not only it visually appeals to the audience, but it also gives a clearer message to the target consumers. Also, having excellent product shots and images uplift brand reputation.

Aside from the visual presentation, each image also shows relevant information about the product. Either it’s the fruit flavour or the activity shown on the image, it’s clearly written on each image. However, they made sure the texts didn’t clutter the whole look.

Having a creative strategy like Malee’s will surely build emotional connection among your audience – which is the ultimate goal of every marketing campaign.

malee weibo campaign creatives
Photo source: Digital 38 Vietnam

2. Rewards attract followers

While Malee is already on, it’s equally important to remind the users of its e-commerce presence in China. Not only for awareness, but also to increase traffic.

And to do this, Malee started a rewards activity by giving gifts to the lucky winners. Eventually, the event attracted incredible engagement from users.

malee weibo contest
Photo source: Digital 38 Vietnam

Additionally, the event also attracted online personalities and celebrities to further spread the word among the Weibo users.

malee weibo campaign
Photo source: Digital 38 Vietnam

3. Weibo / Douyin / Kuaishou Influencer Marketing

Aside from images and rewards, Malee also tapped into influencer marketing to gain more awareness. Through Douyin influencers and online food review personalities, Malee grabbed plenty of attention and led to brand mention growth.

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