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Case Study: Oracle Clinical uses Naver Advertising

Case Study Oracle Clinical uses Naver Advertising

In South Korea, Naver advertising is a promising marketing strategy. This is mainly due to Naver being the number one search engine portal among millions of Korean internet users.

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Similar to Baidu, Naver focuses on the domestic market and leverages on its massive search engine platform that connects to a variety of services and features.

For brands like yours that intend to do Naver advertising, you should not overlook these 2 important factors – PowerLink and PowerContent ads.

What is PowerLink in Naver Advertising?

Based on the screenshot below, you will notice the similarity between a PowerLink ad on Naver Search and an SEM ad on Google Search. Search ads are both placed at the top of the search results engine page (SERP). This generally makes the ad location highly visible to users.

Therefore, the ad placement has a higher chance of gaining more attention and eventually, website traffic.

screenshot of a search engine result in naver
Photo source: Digital 38 Vietnam

Case Study: Oracle on Naver Search

For instance, if you search for the keyword “clinical trial center” (translated from Korean by Google Translate), the brand Oracle Clinical immediately appears as the first result using Naver advertising.
oracle clinical uses naver search ads
Photo source: Digital 38 Vietnam

How to effectively run a PowerLink ad on Naver?

how to run a powerlink ad on naver
Photo source: Digital 38 Vietnam

The most effective way to do Naver advertising with PowerLink is to include a featured image. That way, users will be more compelled to your advertisement.

Although you have to be sure the image is catchy and relevant to your advertisement. Or else, it won’t be of use to your campaign.

screenshot of oracle powerlink naver advertising
Photo source: Digital 38 Vietnam

About Oracle Clinical

Oracle was formerly a software testing and development laboratory, which later on officially became Oracle Corporation in 1995.

Founded by Larry Ellison in 1970, the company originally devised a huge data network. Subsequently, after the successful IPO, Oracle continued to grow over the years. In fact, it became one of the Top 100 Leading Companies in the world as ranked by Forbes.

Also, Oracle is the 18th most valuable brand in the world among several other achievements.

oracle clinical website screenshot
Photo source: Oracle Partner Network website

Additionally, Oracle Clinical’s main functions support the following:

  • Design clinical research databases
  • Define and collect clinical research metadata
  • Create a data management system to clean and collate patient data
  • Develop an electronic data entry screen
  • Set up validation checks, edit from simple to complex and derive data
  • Download and extract data in batch
  • Manage medical coding diction according to verbatim terms reported by investigators for adverse events, medical history and/or concurrent drug use
  • Comprehensively facilitate laboratory results to combat dynamic and demographic reference references

For more information about Oracle Clinical, visit their website here.

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