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Beginner’s Guide to Naver, Korea’s No. 1 Site

A Beginner’s Guide to Naver: Digital Marketing in Korea by Agency Digital 38

Learn why both regional and global brands chose Naver when venturing into South Korea’s digital marketing landscape, and how an experienced agency like Digital 38 can help you navigate.  

The World of Naver  

Founded in 1999, Naver is a locally grown website and search engine in South Korea. Since internet became widely accessible to most of Koreans, Naver has also seen significant growth.  

And one of its most remarkable milestones is denying international search engine giant Google the throne as South Korea’s most visited website. 

In December 2020, based on the latest findings from Data Reportal 2021 – South Korea, Naver welcomed 1.72 billion visits on its official website in December 2020. For scale, this meant that at least 27 million internet users access Naver in every 22 seconds. Google, on the other hand, managed to hit 656 million visits during the same period.  

But Naver is more than just your Korean website and search engine platform. It also features news, blogs, and even a virtual mall that resembled and functioned like an Ecommerce platform. By simply hitting enter on the search bar, users are redirected to a plethora of options outside websites and applications.  

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Why Brands Choose Naver?  

And if you’re wondering why brands choose to establish their presence and connect with users in Naver, then read on as we explain to you the reasons.

1. It’s where South Korean consumers usually go first

As South Korea’s top search engine portal and website, Naver is usually the first place potential buyers go to. With millions using the website every minute, it’s an opportunity for brands to tap Korea’s lucrative market.

2. It can support your marketing goals

You can also promote your business and products on Naver as the site supports digital marketing functions. Below are some of the most popular Ad Formats offered by Naver.  

  • Shopping Search 
  • Website Search Ads 
  • Content Search 
  • Brand Search Ads 

Grow Your Brand in South Korea with the Right Experts  

South Korea remains of the most lucrative markets for brands, especially international ones. 

Their population may be relatively smaller compared to its neighbors like China and Japan. But the country’s hyper connected consumers make digital marketing solutions like Naver both an exciting and viable option for your brand’s overall growth.  

Contact Digital 38, a digital media agency headquartered in Singapore, to learn how our team of Naver specialists can support your digital marketing plans.

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