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BricSys Scales Up Brand Awareness Efforts in Asia

SEM Services: BricSys Scales Brand Awareness Efforts in Asia | Digital 38

Global design and engineering software provider BricSys is taking Asia by storm as it pumps up its presence in the digital marketing landscape with the help of SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, services. Read on to find out more. 

BricSys’ Expansion in Asia 

BricSys is flexing its digital marketing assets as it conquers the greater Asia-Pacific.

As part of its campaign to introduce and promote its computer-aided design brand, BricsCAD, to markets in the region, BricSys deployed a comprehensive SEM campaign targeting at least 13 countries. These are Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand, and China.

The brand selected paid search strategies on Google and TouTiao, the latter which happens to be China’s biggest news and information aggregator app.

They also published ads on Google Display Network, complementing their existing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns running on the search engine platform and which covers 12 countries. 

In doing so, BricSys achieved better brand awareness efforts in the Asia-Pacific. And at the same time, with proper guidance from SEM specialists, an increase in their weekly, click-through rates (CTR) performance. 

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Why SEM is Still Essential Nowadays? 

Tons of trends and innovations have been made in the digital marketing arena. Behaviours of online consumers and audiences have also tremendously changed. But SEM still stood out as one of the most important pillars of effective and efficient digital marketing.

SEM strategies remained relevant amid the ever-dynamic digital marketing landscape as brands like BricSys rely on its ability to spread brand awareness in a wide scale and produce the necessary insights in making their next marketing moves. 

Moreover, SEM services have been proven and tested as one of the most viable solutions when entering new markets, especially those from overseas. 

Get the Right Partner for Your SEM Strategies

Simple and affordable, SEM is still an essential component of digital marketing. But to fully maximise the benefits you can get from them, you need the help of experienced agencies doing SEM services like Digital 38.

As a digital media agency with over 15 years in experience, we have helped over 100 regional and global brands expand and establish strong brand presence in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

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