Omnichannel: What Is It & How It Helps Your Ecommerce Biz?

Omnichannel: What Is It & How It Helps Your Ecommerce Biz?

Omnichannel for Your Ecommerce Biz | Digital 38

Find out why omnichannel strategies are essential for your Ecommerce business’ growth beyond 2022.  

All About Omnichannel  

The pandemic accelerated the growth of Ecommerce by several folds. But the global disruption also led retailers to realize just how important omnichannel strategies are for their online businesses. 

Millions of consumers are literally hopping from one channel to another. And they will have to visit dozens of them, or more, before hitting the checkout or buy button at the end of their buying journey. For brands, this is an opportunity that should not be missed.  

But how do you successfully execute an omnichannel strategy? Omnichannel, after all, is not just about putting up multiple channels to promote your shop and products. 

It is about providing an integrated and seamless shopping experience across multiple channels or touchpoints.  

According to Shopify, here are three, essential things businesses should take note when deploying omnichannel for their Ecommerce.  

  • Accurately mapping the customer journey 
  • Providing a personalized experience at each stage of the journey 
  • Empowering the customer to buy from your store wherever channel they are

Case: Yuan Skincare Smart Retailing  

Like this case from Yuan Skincare, a Taiwanese skincare brand. Yuan set up a smart-retail booth in one of Singapore’s most popular pharmacy chains. The move was made to tap Singaporean buyers who prefer to go to brick-and-mortar stores. And those who need to physically buy medicines straight from the stores themselves.  

Yuan Skincare Embarks on Smart Retailing to Tap More Buyers | Digital 38

But aside from setting up an AI-booth, Yuan Skincare also leveraged its existing online channels to draw customers in Singapore to visit them for a chance to win prizes and other freebies.  

Learn more about Yuan Skincare’s venture into smart-retailing by clicking the article below. 

Benefits of Omnichannel  

When done right, omnichannel can bring in tons of benefits for your Ecommerce business that would be greatly beneficial to help you brand expand and grow.  

For one, brands guiding customers across multiple channels enjoy higher customer retention rates. Below are some other advantages you can get when doing omnichannel the right way, according to Shopify:  

  • You can enjoy a 190% more revenue compared to brands that only rely on a single channel 
  • Shoppers in omnichannel purchase 15% more than those who shop on one channel  

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Partner with Omnichannel Experts from Digital 38  

Omnichannel for your Ecommerce business does not have to be complicated in order for it to be successful. All you have to do is ensure a well-thought plan and ready your resources. And if you’re unsure where to begin, then we’re here to help you. 

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We have dedicated team of Shopify experts, ready to support your omnichannel and Ecommerce plans today.  

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