Doing Cross Border Ecommerce? Here’s Why You Should Choose Southeast Asia

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As restrictions and threats of COVID-19 continue to linger this 2021, demand for cross border Ecommerce continue to be on the rise. And it’s evident in Southeast Asia.  

Ecommerce Landscape in Southeast Asia  

Usage of internet Southeast Asia will likely increase even in a post-pandemic setting.

Despite challenges spawned by the COVID-19 pandemic, experts expressed optimism that the region’s internet economy, particularly Ecommerce, will remain resilient – and to some extent, grow by multiple folds  – once the pandemic will become an endemic.

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And if you’re looking to enter into Southeast Asia’s large and highly diverse market through Ecommerce, then here are two major reasons to help you answer your questions. 

1. More Southeast Asians are Adopting the Digital Way of Life

In 2020, the region welcomed 40 million new digital users, based on a recent report by Google, Temasek and Bain & Co. And 98% of these new users intend to continue utilising digital services in the near future, and when things will return to pre-COVID normalcy.  

These signs point to one thing: Southeast Asians are embracing the digital lifestyle, and Ecommerce is among them.

2. Surge in Ecommerce’s Popularity

With more Southeast Asians going online and spending more time on the internet, more will eventually turn to and adopt Ecommerce as part of their regular routines.  

Last year, the region’s internet economy was valued at US$100 billion in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV), and Ecommerce accounted most of it. 

When lockdowns came, Ecommerce served as the most viable channel for businesses to continually connect and serve their customers. Coupled with the increasing popularity of digital wallets and other cashless modes of payment, Ecommerce’s momentum will unlikely slow down soon.  

Plan Your Cross Border Ecommerce Venture with Digital 38 

The COVID-19 pandemic may have slowed down several aspects of life but it also accelerated the growth and expansion of Ecommerce.

Here in Digital 38, we have local teams ready to support your cross border Ecommerce plans in Southeast Asia, and provide end-to-end solutions fit for your business’ growth. 

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