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How LINE App Can Help Your Brand’s Growth?

LINE Marketing: How it Can Help Your Brand’s Growth in Asia? | Digital 38

Learn how LINE, one of Asia’s rising super apps, can help you achieve your digital marketing and Ecommerce goals in Japan and Southeast Asia.  

All About LINE  

The Asia-Pacific, which includes Southeast Asia, is one of the world’s largest and highly diverse markets. Brands wanting to expand here, and reach out to more consumers have tons of options in doing so. And one of them is LINE. 

LINE Marketing: How it Can Help Your Brand’s Growth in Asia? | Digital 38

Initially developed as an instant messaging and call platform, LINE has evolved to become a super-app in the region. Not only it supports marketing functions for your business. But also, LINE is where consumers, particularly from Japan, Korea and Thailand, frequent. 

LINE’s global monthly active users of 560 million rely on the app for the latest news, entertainment, engaging with the community through forums, reading manga (for Japanese audiences), shopping and food delivery, digital banking, and even telemedicine.  

Lately, developers of LINE introduced LINE MyShop, its native Ecommerce feature. Here, brands can not only promote their products but also, they can actually sell them. And buyers no longer have to exit the app in completing their purchasing journey. 

With LINE’s own payment channel, orders are directly placed through LINE MyShop. 

Curious to know more about LINE MyShop? Check out our previous articles below.  

You can potentially unlock tons of opportunities just by creating and going live with an official LINE account. Read on as we discuss to you some of the best ways in leveraging the platform for your marketing needs. 

1. Reach Out to Audiences in Thailand & Japan Thru Your Official LINE Account

As mentioned earlier, LINE is one of Asia’s fastest-growing apps. But its popularity is more evident and noticeable in Japan, where it originated, and Thailand.  

In Japan alone, LINE reported that as of September 2020, they recorded around 86 million monthly active users. LINE is also among the most preferred social media platforms by Japanese markets. 

LINE Marketing: How it Can Help Your Brand’s Growth in Asia? | Digital 38

Outside Japan, LINE is also popular among Thai consumers. More than 44 million internet users in Thailand have active accounts on LINE. During the height of the pandemic, Thai regularly use the app for food delivery services through its LINE Man feature.  

And if you’re planning to capture these particular markets, then the first step there would be to create your brand’s official LINE account. Contact us to know how to get started. 

2. Run Campaigns

LINE’s marketing functions enable brands to carry out campaigns. And the platform provides you access to multiple advertising formats across its ecosystem. Usually, for brands that are new to LINE, they launch advertising campaigns to boost their brand awareness efforts.  

In addition, LINE can generate reports, showing you how your campaigns have been performing.  

3. Leverage LINE as a Full-Service Platform for your Brand

You can also leverage LINE to serve as a full-service platform. South Korean low-cost airline JinAir managed to do so when targeting consumers from Japan.  

JinAir’s official LINE account enables users to book airline tickets, get the latest updates on their flights, avail of promotions exclusive on the app, to name some. They also maximised the platform to serve as an alternative customer service channel.  

4. Using LINE as an Ecommerce Portal 

With the introduction of LINE MyShop, brands have begun using the platform itself as an Ecommerce portal to drive sales.  

Case in point, Austrian jewelry maker and glass cutter Swarovski Thailand. Buyers can order directly from the brand through its official LINE MyShop. Read more about it by clicking the case studies below.  

Get Started on LINE Today with Digital 38  

If you need expert guidance and assistance in launching your LINE marketing plans, then you’ve come to the right place. Here in Digital 38, we have a dedicated team of LINE specialists, ready to support your brand’s growth.  

Contact us today to get started. 

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