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3 Reasons Why LINE App is Essential in Thailand?

3 Reasons Why LINE Marketing is Essential in Thailand | Digital 38

Find out why LINE app has become a go-to platform for regional and global brands when it comes to launching their digital marketing campaigns in Thailand. 

What is LINE App, and Where Did It Start? 

3 Reasons Why LINE Marketing is Essential in Thailand | Digital 38

LINE is an instant messaging and call application. Developed by South Korea’s Naver Corporation, it was first introduced to Japanese consumers in 2011. Its popularity in Japan immediately took off as traditional means of communication such as text messages and network-powered calls remained down following the 2011 earthquake. 

But more than its ability to provide an alternative means of communication, LINE has gained the affinity of Japanese audiences thanks to its highly interactive character-themed stickers.

LINE as a Super App

Developers of LINE continue to rollout innovations in the app. It has expanded to support digital marketing functions, which are essential for brands looking to reach out and connect with audiences in Japan. 

Now, it is among Asia’s rising ‘super apps’, together with China’s WeChat. LINE has also grown tremendously outside Japan. In particular, Thailand. Read on as we enumerate to you some of the reasons why brands are on LINE when it comes to engaging with Thai consumers

Digital Marketing in Thailand: Why LINE?

3 Reasons Why LINE Marketing is Essential in Thailand | Digital 38

1. It’s Where Thai Users Frequent

As of 2020, there are over 44 million monthly active users of LINE from Thailand, making it one of the best places to connect with Thai consumers. In 2021, digital authority Data Reportal also ranked LINE app as the third most popular social media platform, and the No. 1 most downloaded app in 2021 in Thailand. 

2. It’s a Super App in Thailand

LINE in Thailand has grown tremendously. From an average social media platform, it now plays host to multiple activities including online shopping, Ecommerce, good and parcel delivery, and digital marketing for brands. 

3. It Could be Your Brand’s Key to Substantial Growth in Southeast Asia 

Knowing which channels to connect with your target audiences is key for your brand’s growth. This is why brands that are savvy in Thailand’s digital marketing landscape chose LINE as one of its solutions. 

Check out these case studies on global and regional brands leveraging LINE to their advantage. 

Partner with Digital 38 for Your LINE Needs 

If you need expert guidance and help in getting started on LINE, then you’ve come to the right place. Here in Digital 38, our local team from Thailand can provide you the necessary support for your brand’s marketing plans.

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