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5 Things Brands Should Know About LINE App

5 Things Brands Should Know About LINE App for Markets in Japan & Thailand | Digital 38

LINE is one of Asia’s fastest-growing social media platforms and in this article, we will explain to why brands chose it as part of their digital marketing assets when entering markets in Japan and Thailand.

History of LINE App  

LINE’s origins can be traced to Japan, where it was first used as a communication tool in times of disasters, especially when phone lines are down or limited. Developed by Korea’s Naver Corporation, LINE was first rolled out during the wake of the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami.  

Developers found the opportunity of Japan’s stable internet connection despite the tragedy that struck. As a result, LINE provided instant and free calls and messages to Japanese consumers as long as they are connected to the internet. Be it through WiFi or mobile internet data.  

In addition, LINE was designed to attract the attention of Japanese users through its highly customisable interface and playful stickers featuring the app’s local characters.  

Fast forward to 10 years, LINE has become more than your average instant messaging and call app. Brands around the world are also present on the platform, leveraging it to achieve their digital marketing goals.  

If you are already contemplating in creating your official LINE account, then these five reasons might help you speed up your decision.  

5 Things Brands Should Know About LINE App  

1. Hugely Popular in Japan and Thailand 

LINE remains hugely popular in its home market, Japan. Based on recent count from Statista, it has 86 million monthly active users (MAU) there as of 3rd Quarter in 2020. And over the past years, it has sustained a growing trend. 

But LINE is not only big in Japan. Here in Southeast Asia, it’s one of the most widely used social media platforms in Thailand. Data Reportal ranked LINE 2nd in their list of most downloaded mobile apps in Thailand, next to Facebook.  

2. Sports Marketing Tools and Features 

Like China’s WeChat, LINE app is equipped with marketing tools to support businesses that want to connect with markets in Japan, Thailand, to name some. Brands with official accounts on LINE can publish their own content on the platform.  

And they can even build a sub-website within the app’s ecosystem, ultimately serving as an opportunity to narrow the gap between business and consumers.  

3. LINE Supports Ecommerce Functions  

LINE not only enables brands to deploy marketing tactics without exiting the app. But it also supports Ecommerce functions through its LINE MyShop feature. To know more about LINE MyShop, click our article below.  

In addition to LINE MyShop, other Ecommerce services consumers can access through the app includes LINE Pay, its native payment channel, and food delivery through LINE MAN.  

4. Global Brands Are Joining the Action  

Global brands are also on board the LINE train. Not only because it serves as their key in capturing their audiences based in Japan and Thailand. But thanks to its ability to providing marketing and advertising instruments, businesses can effectively engage with their target markets within one ecosystem only.  

This means that they no longer have to look for an outside party to facilitate product and brand discovery.  

5. LINE is Growing Exponentially  

LINE is positioned, and is on track, to become a super-app. From providing Ecommerce solutions to marketing services, no wonder why hundreds of brands around the world are leveraging it aid their overall growth.  

Learn more about LINE and how brands effectively use the app as part of their strategies by checking out our previous case studies below.  

Create Your Official LINE Account Today  

Exploring the world of LINE app sounds exciting. And if you need some answers for your questions, then we’re here to assist you. Digital 38 has supported dozens of brands in their marketing needs, particularly when it comes to LINE.  

Contact us today to know how our LINE specialists can help you. 

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