Oracle Clinical Banks on Naver for South Korea Expansion
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Oracle Clinical Banks on Naver for South Korea Expansion

Oracle Clinical Launches Naver Ads for South Korea Expansion | Digital 38

Global firmware Oracle is expanding its presence in Asia, and has published Naver Ads as part of its digital marketing campaign in South Korea.

Oracle Banks on Naver

Oracle is rolling out its data management system, Oracle Clinical, in South Korea. And what better way in efficiently and effectively reaching out to its target audiences than through Naver. 

The tech giant deployed Naver search ads tactics, particularly PowerLink Ads, to drive more traffic to its official Korean website. The campaign also gave Oracle a boost in its brand awareness efforts in South Korea as it enabled them to gain more exposure. 

About Oracle Clinical and the Oracle Corporation

Developed by Oracle Corporation, Oracle Clinical is a specialized database management system for Clinical Trial operations. It offers data management, data entry, and data validation functionalities. 

Oracle Clinical also supports the following functions:

  • Design clinical research databases
  • Define and collect clinical research metadata
  • Create a data management system to clean and collate patient data
  • Develop an electronic data entry screen
  • Set up validation checks, edit from simple to complex and derive data
  • Download and extract data in batch
  • Manage medical coding diction according to verbatim terms reported by investigators for adverse events, medical history and/or concurrent drug use
  • Comprehensively facilitate laboratory results to combat dynamic and demographic reference references

You can find out more about Oracle Clinical by visiting their website in this link. 

Oracle Corporation is one of the world’s most valuable companies. Founded by Larry Ellison in 1970, it is considered one of the pioneers in introducing database management softwares. Oracle is also the developer of other popular computer services such as the JavaScript. 

Naver: Every Brand’s Gateway to South Korea

Naver remains South Korea’s most visited website, and most preferred search engine platform. In turn, advertising on Naver is a promising digital marketing strategy for brands looking to connect with Korean audiences.

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