Naver Blog: Why Promote Your Brand on Korea's No. 1 Website?
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Introduction to Naver Blog: How to Promote Your Brand on Korea’s No. 1 Website?

Naver Blog Guide: How to Promote Your Brand on Korea’s No. 1 Website? | Digital 38

Brands eyeing to leverage Naver for its digital marketing plans in Korea should pay attention to one of its popular features, Naver Blog. And in this quick guide, we will explain why it’s an important factor for your overall growth.  

What is Naver Blog? 

In its operational sense, Naver Blog is one of Naver’s core services.   

It was first introduced in 2003 as an avenue for businesses to communicate directly with potential consumers using the search engine. And it not only served its purpose but it also flourished as one of Naver’s widely used platforms.  

Why Should Your Brand be on Naver Blog?  

Screenshot of GEBERIT’s official Naver Blog landing page 

There are multiple reasons on why your brand should be present in Naver Blog. Read on as we enumerate and discuss each one of them. 

1. Korean Users Always Use It 

Internet users in South Korea access Naver Blog in a daily basis when looking for more information on restaurants, online shopping, travel, food and culture, and many more. But more than that, Koreans go to it to interact with one another as it allows users to communicate around the platform. 

2. Improve Brand Presence

Furthermore, it allows you to improve your brand presence in Korea’s digital marketing realm. Businesses can set up a comprehensive business profile in its public page. In it, you can insert and publish your branding message, description, products, services, awards, to name some.

Plus, it is customisable, giving you more space for a more tailored fit branding on the platform. 

3. Outrank Your Competitors

And when brands are on Naver Blog, they can expect an improvement on search rankings on Naver.

The logic behind this is very simple – Naver’s search engine crawlers will always prioritize content published on their native platforms.  

Every time a user hits the keyword you selected, your brand’s blog almost automatically appears  on the topmost portions of the search engine results page (SERP).

As a result, it will you more exposure and increase in brand awareness. And more importantly, this would be a great advantage for you especially if you want to flex your SEO tactics in order to outrank the rest in the competition.  

Start Your Naver Journey with Digital 38 

Naver Blog is definitely an opportunity hard to ignore for brands looking to expand and connect with consumers in South Korea.

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