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HyperX Powers Up Ads in Korea with Naver

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International gaming gear brand HyperX is charging up its marketing efforts in South Korea as it capitalises on Naver, the country’s most popular integrated search engine.  

HyperX recently launched another round of ads on Naver through the latter’s Powerlink feature, enabling them to gain more exposure and potentially an increase in conversions by securing the top spots of the platform’s search engine results page.  

Powerlink Ads is Naver’s pay-per-click or search engine marketing (SEM) tactic.

Through Naver’s Powerlink Ads feature, you can potentially increase your brand’s exposure and chances of improving conversions.

Brands and businesses that invest on this strategy gain greater advantage over their competitors as it allows them to capture potential buyers more accurately than organic search marketing.  

Why Choose Naver for South Korea?  

If you’re planning to launch digital marketing campaigns in South Korea soon, Naver should be part of your solutions.  

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Naver is not just your ordinary search engine. It provides its over 16 million daily unique visitors nearly everything they are looking for in the internet – from answers to trivial questions to the latest consumer electronic products such as gaming keyboards and headphones.  

And Powerlink Ads is only one option for businesses that want to leverage Naver for their digital marketing needs.  

Let Digital 38 Guide You in Digital Marketing with Naver  

Learning how to maximise Naver for your business goals could be time-consuming and confusing. But fret not as Digital 38 can provide you with some helping hands. 

With our vast experience in digital marketing, and local teams equipped with a solid understanding on markets based in South Korea, you can trust us in coming up with the right marketing plans for you. 

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