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Naver Marketing – The Most Popular Digital Advertising in South Korea

Naver Marketing - The Most Popular Digital Advertising in Korean Market - D38 Ecommerce Agency

In recent years, digital marketing has become an important part of every business. Therefore, South Korea as one of the most developed countries has also been rapidly transforming from traditional marketing to digital marketing, continuously shifting according to the changes in consumer behavior and habit. As a result, Naver Marketing is the most popular digital advertising in the Korean market.

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Why choose Naver Marketing for your business?

Korea as similar to other markets, they promote products through social media platforms, also search engines on websites. Besides global media platforms like Google, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram, Korea has its own set of platforms such as Naver (search engine) and Kakaotalk (communication application) and plays an important role in Korean people’s daily lives.

Increase Brand Awareness For Your Business 

In Korean online market, Naver is also frequently referred to as ‘the Google of South Korea’. In fact, Google is not the biggest competitor in South Korea. Naver is the top search engine and controls the market with about 70% of the market share, followed by Google with 23% and Daum with 7%.

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Koreans tend to use this platform for searching for a restaurant or makeup tips. Also, Naver provides various categories of features including blogs, cafes, news, Q&A and more. Therefore, not to miss the opportunities to tap into Korean market through Naver search platform, especially its search ads. The 3 main types of advertisements provided by Naver: Powerlink Ads, Brand Search and Power Content.

We expect to see that visual image ads receive more priority in capture the interest of target audience and increase online sales. This means that Brand Search Ads can greatly help your business reach your goals.

The Brand Search Ads conduct comprehensive marketing by exposing different landing pages at once together with text, image, and video that help users learn more about the brand, events, products, services, and more. The ad campaigns draw clicks and conversions, and it allows to amplify performance through greater visibility and informative links.

The unique set of features can help you grow your online presence and sell direct-to-consumers.


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