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Bricsys Expands to Korea, Launches Naver Powerlink Ads

Bricsys Expands to Korea, Powers Up Naver Powerlink Ads | Digital 38

Engineering software provider Bricsys has landed on South Korea, and has activated Naver Powerlink Ads as part of its digital marketing goals.  

Bricsys deployed paid search tactics on Naver in order to gain more exposure among Korean users accessing the website in a daily basis. In particular, those looking for computer-aided design programs like BricsCAD. 

Screenshot on how Bricsys’ Powerlink Ads on Naver redirects users to its landing page

Search engine marketing (SEM) strategies like Naver Powerlink Ads ultimately gave the developer a lift in its entry phase into South Korea’s lucrative market.  

Not only do these help Bricsys gain more visibility among Korean audiences. But it also contributed to an increase in its site’s traffic, potentially translating to conversions.  

About Naver Powerlink Ads  

Naver Powerlink Ads are one of the most widely used type of paid search strategies on Naver. These ads are typically found on the topmost portion of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of Naver.  

They usually come with a one-liner text describing or simply naming your brand. And the link to your official site right below it.  

Naver Powerlink Ads are ideal for brands that just set foot on South Korea’s digital marketing landscape.  

Learn More about Naver Marketing with Digital 38  

Ever wondered why businesses around the world turn to Naver when it comes to executing their digital marketing campaigns? The most obvious answer is this – Naver is, and remains for years, the top visited website in Korea.  

First launched in 1999, Naver has denied Google, the world’s most popular search engine, the crown as the No. 1 search engine platform in South Korea for years. 

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