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Hypertherm Banks on Naver Powerlink Ads as it Expands Digital Presence in S. Korea

Hypertherm Banks on Naver Powerlink Ads as it Expands in S. Korea | Digital 38

Industrial cutting solutions provider Hypertherm is banking on Naver Powerlink Ads as it expands its presence in South Korea. 

Hypertherm launched a series of ads through Powerlink Ads, enabling them to secure the topmost spot of Naver’s search engine results page (SERP) at the same time gaining tons of exposure among millions of Koreans using Naver in a daily basis.  

Screenshot of Hypertherm’s ads published on Naver Powerlink Ads

With this strategy, Hypertherm can expect improvements not only in their brand awareness efforts among South Korean markets but also in website traffic and conversions, both of which are vital for their overall growth plans.  

What is Naver Powerlink Ads?  

Naver Powerlink Ads is a type of search marketing format on Naver, the widely used search engine portal in South Korea.  

Similar to Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) tactic, it allows brands to capture potential buyers more accurately than organic search marketing like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Through Powerlink Ads, you are guaranteed to land on the frontpage of Naver’s SERP, ultimately boosting brand presence, site traffic and conversions.  

Leverage Naver for Your Marketing Goals with Digital 38  

Naver is still the king in South Korea’s digital world. It remains as the most visited website in the country, denying Google, the world’s most popular search engine, the crown for years.  

According to Data Reportal 2021 – South Korea, Semrush reported that Naver generated at least 1.72 billion website visits in December 2020. This means that for every 22 seconds, 27 million users access the site.  

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This is why brands wanting to expand in Korea choose Naver as part of their digital marketing plans. And if you’re looking to partner with Naver specialists, then Digital 38 is here for you. 

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