Naver Powerlink Ads: Why Advertise on Korea's No. 1 Search Engine?
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Promote Your Brand & Products through Naver Powerlink Ads

Naver Powerlink Ads: Advertise Your Products on Korea’s No. 1 Search Engine | Digital 38

Naver continues to reign in South Korea as its most visited website, and the most popular search engine portal. But did you know you can actually advertise your products on Naver’s search engine results page (SERP)? That’s right. Say hello to Naver Powerlink Ads.  

What are Powerlink Ads?  

Brands have multiple options when advertising on Naver. This is because Naver not only functions as a search engine.

One of the reasons why it remains popular among South Korean users is that it’s often considered as an integrated platform that Naver a plethora of sections – from blogs to online stores.  

Through Naver’s Powerlink Ads feature, you can potentially increase your brand’s exposure and chances of improving conversions.

You can choose among Shopping Search, Content Search, Brand Search Ads and Website Search Ads where Powerlink Ads, one of the most popular marketing tools on Naver, belongs.  

Website Search Ads on Naver are similar to Google Ads since they both run ads Search and Content Network. And it is divided into two sections – Biz Site and Power Link. The difference between Biz Site and Power Link is that the latter guarantees you a spot within the Top 10 of Naver’s SERP.  

If you want to outrank competitors on Naver search marketing, contact our Naver specialists to know how.  

Why Choose Naver Powerlink Ads?  

Another reason why most brands prefer Naver Powerlink Ads is that it’s easy to run, budget friendly, and it’s usually the first step to advertising in Naver.  

You do not need rich contents such as videos and images to support your ads, just the right keywords and strategies, making it ideal for brands that have little to no experience on Naver and want to test South Korea’s digital marketing landscape.  

Why Naver?  

Why Choose Naver Ads for Digital Marketing in Korea | Digital 38

For years, Naver has virtually blocked Google from taking the crown as South Korea’s top visited website and most popular search engine platform. As of 2021, a recent Nielsen survey reported that Naver has hit 27.8 million unique visitors in South Korea.  

Google, on the other hand, ranked 3rd with 13.3 million unique visitors.  

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And Why Choose Digital 38?  

South Korea is a market and opportunity you should definitely consider for your brand’s growth. While the country’s population is relatively smaller to other promising markets such as Japan and China, Korea has been noted to provide lucrative opportunities for global businesses – thanks to its highly active and hyperconnected internet users.  

With the help and expertise of digital media agencies like Digital 38, you can expand your reach by tapping South Korean audiences.

We have a dedicated team equipped with solid understanding on South Korean markets, particularly on how to leverage Naver for your marketing goals.  

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