Why Choose Naver Ads for Digital Marketing in Korea? | Digital 38
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Here’s Why You Must Choose Naver when Reaching Out to Markets in Korea

Here's Why You Must Choose Naver when Reaching Out to Markets in Korea | Digital 38

In today’s age of information and the internet, digital marketing plays a pivotal role to promote brands. And if you’re planning to set your footprints in Korea’s markets, then you should have Naver as part of your marketing solutions. 

Digital Marketing in Korea 

Why Choose Naver Ads for Digital Marketing in Korea | Digital 38

The rise of digital marketing in Korea, one of the most developed countries around the world, is not an exception as it is rapidly shifting from traditional marketing to digital marketing, a result of dramatic changes in consumer behaviour, and advancements made in technology.  

But if there’s a unique aspect about Korea’s digital marketing landscape is the fact that local search engine platforms like Naver reigned as king.  

Why Choose Naver Ads for Korea? 

1. Naver is King

With 27.8 million unique visitors, Naver tops the list of Korea’s most visited websites in 2021, according to a survey conducted by Nielsen.

Image Source: Nielsen

It is also the top search engine platform, and dominates the market by having 70% of its share. Google, the world’s most preferred search engine, only comes second at 23% followed by Daum with 7%. 

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2. Increase Brand Awareness

Searches performed on Naver not only lead users to websites and applications but also directly to online businesses such as restaurants and shops selling cosmetics, enabling businesses like yours to gain more exposure.  

And you can accomplish this by leveraging Naver Ads options: Powerlink Ads, Brand Search, and Power Content. Give us a call if you are interested to know more on how to leverage Naver ads for your target markets in Korea.

Engage in Naver Marketing with Digital 38  

In summary, when planning to launch your digital marketing campaign for markets based in South Korea, it is hard to ignore Naver and its potential to support your brand’s overall growth.

Let Digital 38 help you in creating your brand’s marketing roadmap to South Korea with Naver. Our services include setting up and managing your official Naver Blog, content creation, and optimising paid search ads.  

Contact us today to learn more.

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