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WeChat Ads: How ST Signature Tapped Customers in China

How WeChat Ads Boosted ST Signature’s Travel Bubble Campaign? | Digital 38

Singapore hospitality chain ST Signature ramped up their marketing efforts by selecting WeChat Ads as one of their solutions in reaching out to customers based in China.  

WeChat for ST Signature’s Campaign

ST Signature, the brand behind one of Singapore’s most popular chains of co-living hotels and hostels, launched their ‘Ready to Travel to Singapore’ campaign in November 2020 as the Singaporean government allowed travelers from Mainland China to enter the city-state without any conditions.  

They leveraged WeChat Ads to target Chinese tourists from at least 11 cities in China that offer direct flights to Singapore, and who were eager to visit the country after months of lockdown.  

In addition, these marketing tactics were deployed to grow the brand’s following base and boost customer loyalty by announcing their latest promos.

Why WeChat for China?  

With a population of over 1.4 billion as of 2020, China is definitely a huge market to conquer, and may sound daunting. But identifying which channels to help you connect effectively with local markets could turn this threat into an opportunity. 

And one of them is WeChat. 

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In 2021, WeChat’s active user base reached 1.25 billion, making it not only one of China’s biggest social media platforms but also in a global scale. It is also popular among Chinese users based overseas.  

Why Digital 38?  

Here in Digital 38, we are an Official Sales Partner of Tencent, WeChat’s developer. Aside from opening and verifying your WeChat Official Account (OA), our team of specialists can also help you manage and optimise your ads on WeChat.  

Ecommerce Agency Digital 38 Now Official Sales Partner of WeChat Ads

And embarking on digital marketing campaigns through WeChat Ads is only the start for your brand’s roadmap to China.  

We also offer other digital marketing services using other equally popular social networking sites in China including Douyin and TouTiao (Bytedance), and Weibo.  

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