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The Basic Features of Naver Marketing

The Basic Features of Naver Marketing

Naver marketing is an important tool and social media platform that can help your brand and business penetrate the Korean market. And to leverage this tool, you have to get to know the basic features of Naver marketing.

To begin your Korean digital marketing journey, take note that besides the globally renowned social media platforms, Naver is another digital hub you can consider – mainly because it covers a wide range of Korean markets.

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Needless to say, your brand can’t afford to miss a massive and significant Korean audience when your digital efforts are not boosted with Naver marketing.

If you’re wondering what Naver Marketing is or what are Naver’s best features, you’ve arrived at the right article. Here we’ll dig into the interesting features of Naver that make targeting the right Korean audience easier for brands.

Search Advertising with Naver Ads SEM

Naver Search Ads primarily link brands with a wide range of brand seekers, sellers, and customers. This is basically a Naver advertising service, whereby your ads are shown on the Naver search results page. This way, you get a significant presence in Korea’s largest search engine.

Moreover, the Naver Search Ads target Korean users and provide easy access to your website. You can also find specific information like web traffic, keyword effectiveness, and most-used keywords.

Specifically, here’s more information you can get from Naver:

  • Click option – Brand websites with a short description appear on search results, but advertisers pay only for ‘clicks (based on CPC).
  • Click Choice Plus – Mobile-friendly Naver Click Choice, also provides a preview of the brand and its official location.
  • Brand Search – Brand content appears at the top of search results with images, videos and other important information.
  • Other Advertising Services – Click Choice Product Ad, Power Content, Power Link

Naver Display Ads

Naver Display Ads are the ad types that display animated ad banners on the Naver main page. Also, it can appear across Naver’s cafes, online facilities, and more.

Generally, this type of advertising has the most impact on Naver users. Considering that Naver has 1.9 billion daily page views, one can say Naver Display Ads is one of the most effective SEM ads.

naver display ads sample
Naver Display Ads | Photo source: Digital 38 Vietnam
more naver display ads sample
Naver Display Ads | Photo source: Digital 38 Vietnam

Naver Blogs

If you want to constantly communicate with Korean Naver users, then Naver Blog is your most fitting platform to do so.

Surveys show that Koreans spend more than 50% of their time on the Internet reading blogs and gathering valuable information.

Furthermore, Naver Blog content is prioritised on Naver search results. Now, with the right keyword selection, your blog content can appear on the first page of Naver search results.

naver blog homepage screenshot
Photo source: Naver Blog

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