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Why Naver is Your Solution for Reaching Out to Korean Markets?

Naver: Your Key to Search Marketing in South Korea | Digital 38

When introducing your brand to millions of Korean internet users, then you must have heard about Naver and so, in this article, we will discuss why it’s your answer to a successful search marketing in South Korea. 

In South Korea, Naver is King 

Naver continues to reign as the most visited website in South Korea.   

Citing findings from Semrush, Data Reportal 2021 – South Korea reported that Naver gained a whooping 1.72 billion website visits in December 2020. This meant that for every 22 seconds, at least 27 million internet users use the platform. 

The figures are even more impressive when compared to those from Google, the world’s most popular search engine portal, which managed to hit only 656 million visits during the same period.  

With data like these, it’s no doubt that Naver is an opportunity for brands planning to capture South Korean markets. Read on as we explain further why Naver is important for your business.  

Why Choose Naver Ads for Digital Marketing in Korea | Digital 38

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Why Naver is Important for Your Brand?  

1. More Than Just a Search Engine. 

Its unique features and multiple functions are inarguably among the most obvious reasons why South Korean consumers prefer to search for their next products on Naver instead of Google.  

Every time a user types a query on Naver’s search bar, the results page will generate not only a page listing down websites that closely match what you’re looking for but also additional pages that contain blogs, online stores, news, and many more.  

Naver: Your Key to Search Marketing in South Korea | Digital 38

It’s like Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) but with multiple tabs open at the same time, in one platform and in one window only. 

As a result, Naver offers various marketing services for businesses – from search marketing to promoting your new products through a blog post containing rich media such as photos and videos, ultimately giving you more options on how to support your brand’s growth.  

2. Establish Brand Awareness

Businesses that are yet to step foot on South Korea often turn to Naver in spreading the word about their brand due to its incredibly large volume of website traffic which could potentially increase your brand’s exposure within a short span of time. 

The same Data Reportal report showed that Naver is still the No. 1 website with the most website traffic generated by social media referrals, including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and even Pinterest.  

3. Search Engines: Where Brand Discovery in South Korea Starts 

Naver: Your Key to Search Marketing in South Korea | Digital 38

Screenshot of Naver Shopping

South Korea’s population may be smaller compared to its neighbours like China and Japan but it has been a lucrative market for businesses wanting to grow their brands overseas, thanks to its hyperconnected 50 million internet users. 

It is the fourth country in the world with the highest penetration rate, at 98% as of July 2021, according to Statista 

Moreover, most South Koreans own more than one mobile phone, making the number of mobile connections there reach around 60.5 million, which is equivalent to 118% of its population of 51.29 million.   

With a populace that relies heavily on the internet for their day-to-day routine, no wonder why search engines like Naver are the largest sources of brand discovery, at 33.9%.  

Launch Your Marketing Campaigns on Naver with Digital 38 

Naver functions similarly to Google. But it is important for businesses to know and identify the differences that set the two apart if they want to effectively and efficiently leverage Naver for their growth. 

And this is why you have Naver specialists from digital media agencies like Digital 38 who will be guiding you in the right path.  

We also have local teams in South Korea, ready to assist you in getting started on your marketing goals.  

Schedule an appointment with us now.

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