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Kingston HyperXgaming with Naver Search Ads

Kingston HperXgaming with Naver Search Ads - D38

Naver is the top web search engine platform in South Korea which has 16 million daily unique visitors. Naver provides advertising tools for businesses to reach Korean consumers, to increase their brand awareness by using Naver Search Ads, Naver Display Ads, Naver Blogs, which offers an array of multimedia features.

Users can view the latest news based on their interests and received suggestions or ideas based on browsing behavior. With an abundance of media content may find users with the topic of interest. Users flock to Naver for certain research like eCommerce, travel sites, foods, games and more.

If you are new to the Korean market, you will need to have marketing strategies on how to get consumer’s attention to your products or services. Therefore, Naver is that important for you to enter the Korean market.

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Naver Search Ads (SEM)

Digital 38 helps Kingston HyperXgaming use Brand Search Ad campaigns to expand potential audiences in South Korea. We optimize website SEO to increase organic search traffic and get Kingston HyperXgaming in the top position of search results through the campaign.

We use multiple keywords to gain exposure for the products, it is better to measure the performance of campaigns and SEO, and we can see which products are the most popular search queries.

More specifically, Naver Search Ads include:

  • Click Choice – Brand website with short description appears on the search results, but the advertiser only pays for ‘clicks’ (CPC-based).
  • Click Choice Plus – Mobile-friendly version of Naver Click Choice, which also provides a preview of the brand and its official location.
  • Brand Search – Brand contents appear on top of the search result with images, videos and other significant information.
  • Other Ads – Click Choice Product Ad, Power Content.

Kingston HperXgaming with Naver Search Ads -2

Kingston HperXgaming with Naver Search Ads -1

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Interested in Korean Digital Channels, Korean Digital Marketing, Video Marketing and Korean Online Marketing? Considering the Naver Marketing gives you an edge to these digital and mobile marketing objectives.


About D38 Ecommerce Agency

D38 is a Southeast Asia-focused ecommerce agency that provides direct-to-consumer Ecommerce solutions to grow your business on the digital space and generate ongoing monthly revenue. Our eCommerce solutions range from website development, store management, logistics, CRM, customer loyalty programs, automated email marketing, SEO, marketing tools, product press-release (PR) to reputation management – helping international companies simplify eCommerce management across ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

Our team consists of certified Shopify eCommerce experts, designers, developers, content creators and strategists working together to support and provide a seamless online shopping experience for our clients’ eCommerce websites.

We also have a market-specific digital channels team focusing on providing support for LINE Thailand and Japan, Naver for Korea, and ZhaoVN for global Chinese readers for social news and updates.

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