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Augustinus Bader SG Launched Customer Loyalty Program For Ecommerce Business

Augustinus Bader SG Launched Customer Loyalty Program - D38 Ecommerce AgencyPhoto credit: Augustinus Bader Singapore Official Website

Retaining your existing customers is easier to grow your business revenue because they were already familiar with your products. Customer retention strategies enable you to both provide and extract more value from your existing customer base. Delivering a great customer experience, maintain customer relationships and satisfaction.

Loyalty program helps Augustinus Bader increase sales, also meant to their customers. Incorporating points, rewards, or unique perks for motivating the existing customer make regular purchases from their website. It makes customers happy to engage with the loyalty programs, and always enjoy the incentives while making a purchase.

Loyalty programs are effective marketing tools to improve the brand’s reputation and have a positive impact to get success in business. It provides a perfect chance to deepen customer engagement, get customers to leave product reviews and share with social media to promote your brand.

Let’s see the 4 main types of Customer Loyalty Program that helps Augustinus Bader to drive retention and win customer loyalty.

Augustinus Bader SG Launched Customer Loyalty Program

Augustinus Bader Loyalty Program
D38 Marketing Team Screenshot Sample of Loyalty Program

1. Points & Rewards

Points programs are among the most popular types of customer loyalty programs. Customers make every purchase will get club points, it’s depending on the amount spent, and they can redeem rewards for discounts or giveaways. The points program is easier to let customers understand, and it allows them to check their account point status, redeem rewards, and more.

2. VIP Program

Create VIP tier and unique icon for your loyal customers, rewards them by a special discount in a period of time that lets them feel more privileged to your brand. Also, get notifications and offers your VIP for an upcoming product launch.

3. Referrals

Retaining existing customers but also acquire new customers. Existing customers will receive a reward with a discount, cashback or club points after bringing in a new customer. Therefore, customers will more likely to recommend your business to their friends.

4. Customer Insight

To better understand your customer through customer insight features. In the report, we will know which rewards are being redeemed the most and which products are they interested in. Optimize and maximize your loyalty program strategies based on these insights.

Start Your Customer Loyalty Program with D38

Customer loyalty is directly tied to your business’s bottom line and the ability to grow better. D38 has strategies that help to enhance your loyalty program’s effectiveness, and help you build a strong relationship with your loyal customers.

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