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Bricsys Connects with Audiences in Asia-Pacific through SEM Strategies

How Maximizing SEM Strategies Helped Bricsys Expand in Asia? | Digital 38

Learn how maximizing SEM strategies helped design and engineering software provider Bricsys expand its presence in Asia. And why your brand should be considering search marketing as part of your overall digital marketing assets.

BricSys Deploys SEM Strategies

Global computer-aided design (CAD) software developer Bricsys is making waves in Asia. And it took its brand awareness game up by another notch as it launched its Black Friday campaign by deploying SEM strategies.

Bricsys used SEM, which stands for Search Engine Marketing, in promoting BricsCAD in 10 countries in Asia-Pacific. As a result, the brand was not only able to reach out to more audiences in the region. But also, maximizing SEM resulted in an improvement in their website traffic. 

Bricsys enjoyed high click-through-rates in at least four countries – Thailand, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Hong Kong – potentially increasing its chances to drive more sales in these locations. 

About Bricsys and the BricsCAD Brand

Bricsys is one of the world’s leading providers of CAD software applications. Founded in 2002, it is well known for developing the BricsCAD brand. Presently, its headquarters is located in Belgium. 

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SEM: Why It’s An Essential Digital Marketing Asset? 

Driving traffic and sales are just two of the many benefits brands can get when they employing SEM tactics. When done right, paid search strategies can also help you reinforce customer retention and even outperform your competitors. 

In addition, planning your SEM campaign doesn’t have to be complicated in order for it to be effective and efficient. And it doesn’t have to cost much.

Get Started on SEM with Digital 38 

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