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Clarios’ VARTA Touches Down in Vietnam

B2B Marketing: Clarios’ VARTA Touches Down in Vietnam | Digital 38

American automotive company Clarios has touched down in Vietnam, thanks to a well-planned b2b digital marketing strategy. 

As part of its goals to widen its digital footprint in Southeast Asia, Clarios banked on digital marketing tactics in reaching out to more audiences in the region. Particularly, car manufacturers, assembly lines, and other companies involved in the automotive industry from Singapore and Vietnam.  

Clarios wants to build brand awareness and potentially increase sales of their car battery brand, VARTA, in these markets. In turn, they initiated a search and display ads campaign in promoting VARTA. The campaign’s goal was not only to build VARTA’s brand awareness in these markets. But also, to drive traffic and sales to Clarios’ Vietnamese page.  

Ads that featured Varta were published on selected search and display network platformers. Curious readers and audiences from Vietnam will be redirected to a dedicated landing page that contains more information about VARTA.  

Beyond spreading the word about VARTA, search and display ads flexibility and customisation options allowed Clarios to retarget their campaign. Doing so can help the brand to further optimise the results of their campaign. Retargeting enables brands not only to narrow down their audience. But it also ensures that their ads reach the right people – the audiences who will likely respond, and become customers along the way.  

Explore B2B Marketing with Digital 38  

It is hard for brands to ignore the opportunities abound in Southeast Asia. Despite being a vast and diverse market, connecting with audiences from this region can be the key for your brand’s growth and success.  

If you want to learn more about Southeast Asia’s b2b marketing, as well as digital marketing landscape, you can read our previous articles. Just click the links below.  

Alternatively, you can speak with professionals from Digital 38. Our teams from Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, China, and Taiwan can provide you with b2b and digital marketing solutions, tailored-fit for your brand’s goals.  

Contact us today to get started.

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Mercer Opens Facebook Page as it Widens Reach in Thailand

Launching a Social Media Page: Mercer Opens Facebook Page as it Widens Reach in Thailand | Digital 38

Global asset management firm Mercer is on a quest to widen its reach in Southeast Asia, and they have decided to launch a social media page to connect with potential clients from Thailand.  

Mercer Rolls Out Facebook Page for Thailand Customers 

Customers from Thailand would be delighted to learn that Mercer has rolled out its official Facebook page. This would enable them to reach out and contact the wealth management company easily and more conveniently.  

Mercer opened its official Facebook page for audiences in Thailand as part of its plan to beef up its online presence in the Southeast Asian region. Aside from having a social media page, they also deployed other digital marketing tactics aligned with their business’ goals. These include Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to give their website more exposure on search engine platforms like Google. They have also leveraged media buy strategies to build and drive brand awareness.  

Social Media and Digital Marketing’s Power in Driving Growth 

It is important for brands to have the right marketing plan when they want to expand and tap audiences overseas. Be it offline channels like out-of-home (OOH) placements to digital ones such as a social media page and search engines. Especially in today’s age where the internet and technology are deeply embedded in our regular lives, it is hard to ignore the opportunity of establishing your brand’s presence online. And what Mercer demonstrated is just the first step.  

If you want to know more about the digital marketing landscape in Southeast Asia, click our articles below.  

Partner with Digital 38 

You can also seek guidance from Digital 38’s team of specialists. We have teams based in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and China who are ready to assist you in supporting your marketing goals soon.  

Contact us today. 

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Mercer Broadens Online Presence in PH, TH

Media Buy: Mercer Broadens Online Presence in PH, TH | Digital 38

International asset management firm Mercer is expanding its footprint in Southeast Asia as it embarks in media buy and social media campaigns for target markets in Thailand, and the Philippines. 

Mercer Beefs Up Online Presence in Thailand, Philippines 

Mercer deployed digital advertising and social media marketing strategies as part of their goals to expand their presence in Southeast Asia, both in physical and online channels.  

To reach businesses, financial institutions, and other potential clients from Thailand and the Philippines, the company rolled out paid ad tactics like Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in boosting their brand awareness on the internet. 

They also decided to leverage media buy strategies to spread word not only about Mercer as a brand. But also, to promote their recently launched official Facebook accounts for Mercer Thailand, and Mercer Philippines.  

Why Digital Marketing is Vital for a Brand’s Expansion?  

When it comes to expanding and touching down in markets abroad, having an efficient marketing plan is a must – from out-of-home (OOH) placements to digital channels like social networking sites and search engines. In today’s age where more and more people rely on the internet, it is imperative for your brand to establish a strong online presence. What Mercer demonstrated is just the start.  

ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) markets like Thailand and Philippines are hard to ignore when it comes to digital marketing. Thanks to their growing population of internet users, and active social media users.  

If you want to know more about the digital marketing landscape in Southeast Asia, click our articles below.  

Partner with Digital 38 

You can also seek guidance from Digital 38’s team of specialists. We have teams based in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and China who are ready to assist you in supporting your marketing goals soon.  

Contact us today.  

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Volume’s Up for Pioneer Car Entertainment’s Latest Campaign

B2B Marketing in Southeast Asia: Pioneer Social Media Marketing | Digital 38

Learn why having effective B2B marketing strategies such as digital marketing campaigns can be beneficial for your brand’s growth in Southeast Asia.  

Pioneer Car Entertainment: Cranks Up Volume in Southeast Asia

Japanese audio specialist brand Pioneer Car Entertainment is amplifying its presence in the Southeast Asia. Doing so, they chose to run digital marketing campaigns on top social media platforms in the region such as Facebook. This tactic, however, is not only meant to boost brand awareness. But also, to foster connections among their target audience.  

Pioneer Car Entertainment launched a limited campaign on Facebook, enticing its followers and users to interact with their posts for a chance to win their signature, top-of-the-line car entertainment systems.  

Those who wish to get ahold of their flagship speaker set only need to like and follow their official Facebook page, and answer correctly a mini quiz on Pioneer’s official website.  

Why Digital Marketing is Important in B2B?

The world of B2B marketing can be quite complicated and challenging. Brands should always remember that they are dealing with more than their average consumers. These are key decision makers and earth shakers – managers, business owners, and other executive-level individuals.  

This is why you need the right strategies such as digital marketing campaigns to generate the results you desire for your business.  

Digital marketing is now a growth engine for many companies across a variety of sectors. When implemented efficiently, they have the ability to drive an increase of 5% to 8% in revenues over a 12 to 18-month period. As a result, you can capture more online traffic and engage with more consumers. 

They also have the capacity to develop and build valuable relationships between brands and their target markets. Like the one demonstrated by Pioneer Car Entertainment’s recent campaign on Facebook, interacting with potential customers can help your brand emerge with a top-of-mind status.  

Launch Your B2B Digital Marketing Campaign Now

If you want to learn more about other tactics to help your B2B marketing plans in Southeast Asia, you can read our previous articles. Just click the links below.  

Or if you need expert guidance, then let us help you.  

Digital 38 is a digital media agency headquartered in Singapore. With over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, our team of specialists from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and more has supported dozens of brands expand in Southeast Asia.  

Contact us today to learn more.   

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Guide to Setting Up Your LINE Official Account

Guide: Set Up Your Official Line Account | Digital 38

Learn how to set up your brand’s official LINE account, and unlock tons of opportunities in Thailand.  

History of LINE  

LINE was first rolled out in Japan, during the wake of the 2011 Earthquake. Developed by South Korea’s Naver Corporation, LINE’s popularity eventually grew.

Guide: Set Up Your Official Line Account | Digital 38

What started out as a unique messaging and instant calls tool, LINE has expanded to offer a variety of services. Presently, LINE has its own payment system, online marketplace, food delivery platform, and even marketing tools for your brand!

Why You Should Use LINE in Thailand?  

As it grew, LINE’s popularity is not only confined in Japan. It’s also evident in other markets in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly Thailand.  

With over 54 million internet users, Thailand is a market brands looking to expand their presence should not miss. But entering a foreign and an all-new market itself can be daunting.  

And this is why it’s important for businesses and marketers alike to know the right channels to effectively engage with consumers. In the case of Thailand, savvy brands know potential buyers frequent LINE.  

According to the latest findings from Data Reportal, around 92% of Thailand’s internet users, age 18 to 64 years old, use LINE every month. In turn, the app was ranked as the second most used social media app in the country.  

Setting Up Your Official LINE Account  

Hundreds of brands, both local and international, have chosen LINE as part of their digital marketing solutions and overall growth strategies when tapping markets in Thailand.  

1. Signing Up

And the first step towards that direction is to set up your official LINE account.

First, you need to have a registered mobile number in Thailand. LINE will be asking you this as part of their signing up process, regardless if you’re going to use the app for personal or business purposes.  

Once you have successfully signed up, you’re automatically granted LINE’s most common type of account – the free account. However, free accounts are not suitable for businesses due to their limitations.  

This is why most brands proceed with upgrading the free account into a LINE Verified Account.  

2. Getting Verified

When registering for a Verified Account, you need to submit your company’s documents as part of LINE’s vetting process.  

Verified Accounts on LINE can run Gain Friends strategies, and enjoy higher visibility on in-app search results. But if you are looking to take your marketing game to another level, then Premium Account might be ideal for you.  

3. Building Your Brand on LINE

Premium Account allows you not only to customize your LINE ID but also to build a large following.  

If you want to know how brands leveraged LINE for their goals, check out our case studies below. 

Open Your Official LINE Account Now 

Guide: Set Up Your Official Line Account | Digital 38

Setting up your official LINE account can be time-consuming. And if you need professional help in getting started with LINE in Thailand, then we’re here for you. 

Schedule an appointment with our LINE specialists today.

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Veolia Water Amplifies Presence in APAC with LinkedIn Campaign

Veolia Water Amplifies Presence in APAC with LinkedIn Ads | Digital 38

French multinational water solutions provider Veolia Water Technologies is amplifying its presence in the Asia-Pacific region, and they chose to promote their events on LinkedIn ads as part of their overall strategy.  

Veolia’s APAC division banked on LinkedIn ads to spread the word about their F&B Webinar titled Robust and Cost-Efficient Solution to FOGs Removal in Your ETP. 

It targeted food and beverage clients, and those involved in water treatment in the Philippines. The brand chose LinkedIn’s awareness ads to boost the event’s exposure.  

The webinar’s objective was to help water treatment facilities and other similar industries resolve fat, oil, grease and suspended solids (FOGS) building on their effluent treatment processes.  

Running ads on LinkedIn not only helped Veolia drive more traffic to their website. But it also enabled them to increase sign-ups for their webinar event.  

LinkedIn Ads: Why It’s Important?

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media channels. Brands should not underestimate LinkedIn’s ability to help your business grow.  

According to digital authority Hootsuite, the platform boasts of having over 690 million members. But what really makes it stand apart is the fact that most of LinkedIn’s userbase happen to be decision-makers. Business executives, managers, supervisors, you name them. And their purchasing power is twice that of your average online audience.  

Fortunately, LinkedIn offers multiple business solutions for brands looking to connect with movers and shakers. And publishing LinkedIn ads is just one of them. If you want to know more about running campaigns on LinkedIn, let us help you.  

Doing Social Media Marketing the Right Way

Connecting and engaging with your audiences is an essential part of digital marketing. But knowing the right channels to effectively reach your target markets can sometimes be a tedious and costly task. This is why you have professionals from Digital 38 who will guide you in doing social media marketing in the right way. 

If you want to know more about social media marketing, read our articles below.  

We have a dedicated team of social media marketing specialists, equipped with a solid understanding of how popular channels like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn work that will meet your marketing needs. 

Contact us today to learn more.

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Learn the Types of LINE Accounts

Digital Marketing in Thailand: Learn the Types of LINE Accounts | Digital 38

Did you know there are several types of LINE account? In this article, we will discuss all about them, and how you can register your official LINE account with the help of digital marketing specialists from Thailand. 

LINE: Key in Connecting with Thai Audiences 

LINE remains one of the most popular channels for brands wanting to reach out to audiences in Thailand.  

Based on recent findings from digital authority Data Reportal, it is the third top most visited social media website in 2021 in Thailand. And around 86 percent of the country’s social media users access LINE on a regular basis.  

But this is just one of the many reasons why even global brands choose LINE in connecting with Thai audiences. If you want to know more, check out our previous articles about LINE. Just click the links below.  

Types of LINE Account 

Creating your LINE account is easy and free. But if you’re looking to maximise the platform’s features and reap its benefits for your brand, then you must learn about the types of LINE account available. Read on as we discuss each one of them.  

To register your official LINE account, you have to sign up using a mobile phone number registered in Thailand. After which, you will have to submit basic information about your business. If you’re unsure on how to create your LINE account, let us help you.  

1. Unverified Account

This is the most common type of LINE account. And it’s the account you gain after successfully registering to LINE. Most businesses prefer upgrading due to the limitations of unverified accounts.  

2. Verified Account

Verified Accounts are the upgraded versions of Unverified Accounts. But only selected accounts are granted with the coveted LINE verified badge. LINE implements a strict verification process. And you need to pass it in order to obtain your blue badge.  

Some of the perks of having a verified LINE account included the ability to run LINE Gain Friends Ads, an important marketing tool native on the platform. Your brand, once verified, will also appear on the top of LINE’s in-app search results page.  

3. Premium Account

As LINE’s top-of-the-line account type, Premium Accounts are ideal for big businesses that want to reach to Thai LINE users in a wide-scale. With Premium Accounts, brands can gain a large following base, and a customised LINE ID. Having a unique LINE ID enables you to gain more visibility within the platform, potentially increasing your reach.  

Talk with LINE Specialists from Digital 38  

With over 55 million social media users, Thailand is definitely a market brands should watch out for. And if you’re planning to expand your reach, then it is important for you to know which channels Thai consumers frequent to.  

And if you need further assistance in setting up your LINE account, then you’ve come to the right place.  

Contact us today, and let our LINE specialists help you.

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Singapore’s NYP Greets Future Students on TikTok

NYP Greets Future Students through TikTok Ads - Singapore | Digital 38

Learn how Nanyang Polytechnic leveraged TikTok ads in reaching out to future students in Singapore. And how your brand can get started on connecting with millions of users in TikTok. 

NYP Launches Open House 2022, Chooses TikTok as Platform

Singaporean higher learning institute Nanyang Polytechnic is set to welcome new students to its fold. And they chose TikTok as the channel in reaching out to young audiences. 

For its Open House 2022, NYP published a series of TikTok Ads, targeted for young adults in Singapore. The Open House aims to inform and encourage students to pursue their higher education studies in one of the city-state’s premiere educational institutions.

Each TikTok video portrays what’s in store for students looking to further their studies. And what it’s like to live a poly life. It also provided tips for students on how to make admission and enrollment processes hassle-free.

TikTok OneDayMax Ads

NYP selected TikTok’s OneDayMax Ads as one of its platforms for its Open House 2022 campaign, targeting students in Singapore. OneDayMax Ads are usually the first in-feed video that appear every time a user opens the app.

After its 15 seconds are up, the video automatically becomes part of the user’s For You page for the day. OneDayMax Ads are ideal for brands looking to spread their message fast, and to a wide scale of audience.

If you want to know more about other business solutions founds on TikTok, read our previous articles below.

Open Your Official TikTok Account with Digital 38

Social media marketing, like executing campaigns on TikTok, is easier said than done. It may take a lot of time and effort. And may only be an added burden to your business.

But with the help of experts, you can reap tons of benefits and opportunities that will surely support your brand’s growth.

This is why you’ve got specialists from Digital 38 who can guide you in doing social media marketing, efficiently and effectively.

Schedule an appointment with our team today. And learn how to get started on your first TikTok campaign.

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3 Reasons Why LINE App is Essential in Thailand?

3 Reasons Why LINE Marketing is Essential in Thailand | Digital 38

Find out why LINE app has become a go-to platform for regional and global brands when it comes to launching their digital marketing campaigns in Thailand. 

What is LINE App, and Where Did It Start? 

3 Reasons Why LINE Marketing is Essential in Thailand | Digital 38

LINE is an instant messaging and call application. Developed by South Korea’s Naver Corporation, it was first introduced to Japanese consumers in 2011. Its popularity in Japan immediately took off as traditional means of communication such as text messages and network-powered calls remained down following the 2011 earthquake. 

But more than its ability to provide an alternative means of communication, LINE has gained the affinity of Japanese audiences thanks to its highly interactive character-themed stickers.

LINE as a Super App

Developers of LINE continue to rollout innovations in the app. It has expanded to support digital marketing functions, which are essential for brands looking to reach out and connect with audiences in Japan. 

Now, it is among Asia’s rising ‘super apps’, together with China’s WeChat. LINE has also grown tremendously outside Japan. In particular, Thailand. Read on as we enumerate to you some of the reasons why brands are on LINE when it comes to engaging with Thai consumers

Digital Marketing in Thailand: Why LINE?

3 Reasons Why LINE Marketing is Essential in Thailand | Digital 38

1. It’s Where Thai Users Frequent

As of 2020, there are over 44 million monthly active users of LINE from Thailand, making it one of the best places to connect with Thai consumers. In 2021, digital authority Data Reportal also ranked LINE app as the third most popular social media platform, and the No. 1 most downloaded app in 2021 in Thailand. 

2. It’s a Super App in Thailand

LINE in Thailand has grown tremendously. From an average social media platform, it now plays host to multiple activities including online shopping, Ecommerce, good and parcel delivery, and digital marketing for brands. 

3. It Could be Your Brand’s Key to Substantial Growth in Southeast Asia 

Knowing which channels to connect with your target audiences is key for your brand’s growth. This is why brands that are savvy in Thailand’s digital marketing landscape chose LINE as one of its solutions. 

Check out these case studies on global and regional brands leveraging LINE to their advantage. 

Partner with Digital 38 for Your LINE Needs 

If you need expert guidance and help in getting started on LINE, then you’ve come to the right place. Here in Digital 38, our local team from Thailand can provide you the necessary support for your brand’s marketing plans.

Contact us today to know more.

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BricSys Scales Up Brand Awareness Efforts in Asia

SEM Services: BricSys Scales Brand Awareness Efforts in Asia | Digital 38

Global design and engineering software provider BricSys is taking Asia by storm as it pumps up its presence in the digital marketing landscape with the help of SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, services. Read on to find out more. 

BricSys’ Expansion in Asia 

BricSys is flexing its digital marketing assets as it conquers the greater Asia-Pacific.

As part of its campaign to introduce and promote its computer-aided design brand, BricsCAD, to markets in the region, BricSys deployed a comprehensive SEM campaign targeting at least 13 countries. These are Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand, and China.

The brand selected paid search strategies on Google and TouTiao, the latter which happens to be China’s biggest news and information aggregator app.

They also published ads on Google Display Network, complementing their existing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns running on the search engine platform and which covers 12 countries. 

In doing so, BricSys achieved better brand awareness efforts in the Asia-Pacific. And at the same time, with proper guidance from SEM specialists, an increase in their weekly, click-through rates (CTR) performance. 

Learn more about BricSys’ digital marketing campaigns in the Asia-Pacific by clicking our previous articles below. 

Why SEM is Still Essential Nowadays? 

Tons of trends and innovations have been made in the digital marketing arena. Behaviours of online consumers and audiences have also tremendously changed. But SEM still stood out as one of the most important pillars of effective and efficient digital marketing.

SEM strategies remained relevant amid the ever-dynamic digital marketing landscape as brands like BricSys rely on its ability to spread brand awareness in a wide scale and produce the necessary insights in making their next marketing moves. 

Moreover, SEM services have been proven and tested as one of the most viable solutions when entering new markets, especially those from overseas. 

Get the Right Partner for Your SEM Strategies

Simple and affordable, SEM is still an essential component of digital marketing. But to fully maximise the benefits you can get from them, you need the help of experienced agencies doing SEM services like Digital 38.

As a digital media agency with over 15 years in experience, we have helped over 100 regional and global brands expand and establish strong brand presence in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

We have a dedicated team of search marketing specialists, ready to support you anytime. 

Contact us today. 

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