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UE Square & Rochester Ramp Up Online Presence

Social Media Accounts for Malls: UE Square and Rochester Mall Facebook

Learn how leveraging social media accounts can help malls achieve more and do more with this example from UE Square and Rochester Mall from Singapore.  

How Having Social Media Presence, Accounts Help Malls? 

Singaporean malls UE Square and Rochester Mall wanted to increase its brand awareness to reach to more audiences and at the same time, invite them to visit their establishments.  

UE Square and Rochester Mall, in turn, beefed up its social media marketing strategies.  

Using their official accounts on Facebook, the two, iconic Singaporean malls launched various social media marketing and content marketing campaigns. These included promoting their events and limited promos from their tenants.  

Facebook also allowed them to inform their followers of the latest updates, and interact with them using Facebook Live features and interactive contests exclusively on the platform. 

Additionally, having an official Facebook page enabled UE Square and Rochester Mall to publish multiple dynamic ads on the platform, and even do some media buying campaigns. As a result, they were able to gain more followers, potentially giving their brand awareness initiatives the much-needed boost. 

About UE Square & Rochester Mall 

UE Square Shopping Mall and Rochester Mall are brands under Singapore’s United Engineers Limited (UEL). UEL is one of the city-state’s most notable groups that initiated the work-live-play-learn concepts by integrating commercial, lifestyle and residential components into one, world-class community.  

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Facebook remains king in terms of social networking platforms in Southeast Asia. That’s why brands like UE Square Shopping Mall and Rochester Mall jump on this opportunity to help them grow.  

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