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Mercer Opens Facebook Page as it Widens Reach in Thailand

Launching a Social Media Page: Mercer Opens Facebook Page as it Widens Reach in Thailand | Digital 38

Global asset management firm Mercer is on a quest to widen its reach in Southeast Asia, and they have decided to launch a social media page to connect with potential clients from Thailand.  

Mercer Rolls Out Facebook Page for Thailand Customers 

Customers from Thailand would be delighted to learn that Mercer has rolled out its official Facebook page. This would enable them to reach out and contact the wealth management company easily and more conveniently.  

Mercer opened its official Facebook page for audiences in Thailand as part of its plan to beef up its online presence in the Southeast Asian region. Aside from having a social media page, they also deployed other digital marketing tactics aligned with their business’ goals. These include Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to give their website more exposure on search engine platforms like Google. They have also leveraged media buy strategies to build and drive brand awareness.  

Social Media and Digital Marketing’s Power in Driving Growth 

It is important for brands to have the right marketing plan when they want to expand and tap audiences overseas. Be it offline channels like out-of-home (OOH) placements to digital ones such as a social media page and search engines. Especially in today’s age where the internet and technology are deeply embedded in our regular lives, it is hard to ignore the opportunity of establishing your brand’s presence online. And what Mercer demonstrated is just the first step.  

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You can also seek guidance from Digital 38’s team of specialists. We have teams based in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and China who are ready to assist you in supporting your marketing goals soon.  

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Pioneer is Having a Blast in its Newest Social Media Campaign

Pioneer is Having a Blast in its Newest Social Media Campaign | Digital 38

Japanese audio brand Pioneer had a blast as it unrolls its latest social media campaign for audiences and consumers in Southeast Asia. 

Pioneer Car Entertainment has recently launched its latest signature car speaker entertainment system. And to pump up brand awareness and ultimately, revenues, they will be giving away at least three TS-VR170C Special Edition Speaker Set to lucky followers on Facebook.  

The brand published a social media campaign promoting their newest speaker set. The campaign also includes a time-limited online contest. In it, users on Facebook stand a chance to bring home their TS-VR170C Special Edition Speaker Set. Each set costs around US$1,000.  

All they had to is follow and like Pioneer Car Entertainment’s official Facebook page, and then answer a quick question on their official website.  

Aside from potentially increasing brand awareness and revenues, the online contest, a form of customer retention tactic, enable Pioneer to deepen their connections with their followers. And even expand their reach.  

Social Media Campaigns for B2B Strategies  

Even in B2B strategies, having a successful social media campaign can mean a lot for your brand’s growth. Not only can they drive awareness and conversions. Social media campaigns can also help you build your brand image. They can even help you ensure your customers will stay loyal. 

If you want to learn more about this opportunity, check out our previous case studies.  

Get Started on Your Social Media Campaign  

Or if you need further help, you can also consult Digital 38. Our team of marketing specialists from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, and China can support you in your business goals.  

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Veolia APAC LinkedIn Page Grows to 14k Followers

Veolia Banks on LinkedIn Management in Expanding APAC Presence | Digital 38

Learn how effectively leveraging your LinkedIn account and page management can bring value to your brand.  

Veolia Expands to Asia-Pacific 

France-based utility solutions provider Veolia has landed in Asia-Pacific. And they want to connect with the region’s earth movers and key decision makers so they can showcase their best practices, solutions and innovations in water management, waste management and energy services. So, they launched their official LinkedIn page under the name Veolia Water Technologies Asia Pacific.

Aside from simply activating their presence on LinkedIn, Veolia launched ads on the social networking platform to drive brand awareness. They also banked on content marketing in curating their LinkedIn page so they can engage and connect with their target audiences. 

Just weeks after they opened their LinkedIn page for APAC, Veolia managed to gain over 10,000 followers. They also took to LinkedIn to mark the momentous milestone.  

If you want to know more about Veolia APAC, you can head over to their official LinkedIn page. Just click this link. 

Get Started on LinkedIn Marketing with Digital 38  

Brands and marketers alike know that LinkedIn is an essential part of every business’ success and growth. Like most social media platforms, it has a huge userbase. As of 2021, LinkedIn boasts over 800 million monthly active users (Statista).  

But the key in turning LinkedIn into a competitive advantage for your business is to learn how it functions. Unlike other social networking sites, LinkedIn is the go-to place for professionals searching for their next career or planning to connect with like-minded individuals. Additionally, it has become a favorite platform for marketers to run business-to-business campaigns.  

Learn more about the world of LinkedIn marketing by reading our previous articles. Click the links below.  

You can also consult our team of specialists who can guide you in doing LinkedIn management the right way.  

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Pauls Dairy Levels Up Facebook Presence | Digital 38

Paul’s Dairy Facebook Page Management | Digital 38

Australia’s leading dairy brand, Pauls Dairy, is stepping up its social media game by leveraging Facebook page management.  

To reach more audiences in Singapore, Pauls Dairy decided to use its official Facebook account to their advantage, and employ page management strategies. These included rolling out a content marketing tactic, and launching media buy campaigns on the social networking site.  

With these efforts, Pauls Dairy aims not only to give its brand awareness a much-needed boost. But also, to connect and engage effectively with their target audience in the city-state. 

Pauls Dairy currently has over 51,000 followers on Facebook, a top social media platform in Singapore.

Figures from digital authority showed that the Lion City has over 3.2 million monthly active users on Facebook. This makes it one of the most efficient channels for brands to reach more audiences and ultimately, connect with their target market. 

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Explore Social Media Marketing with Digital 38 

In today’s modern world, where more and more people rely on the internet, it’s hard for brands to ignore the opportunities found on social media platforms such as Facebook. Not only do they have millions of active users. But also, marketing professionals and experts have proven them as cost-effective channels to connect with your target audiences.  

Social networking sites can also be good places to drive traffic and sales to your online shop. With effective planning, you can convert engagements and interactions into conversions.  

If you’re planning to venture into social media marketing, let Digital 38 help you. With our experience spanning 15 years, we have supported hundreds of brands in their marketing goals. Including Facebook page management. 

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Liese Turns Instagram Reels into Fun Contest

Instagram Marketing: Liese Turns Instagram Reels into Fun Contest | Digital 38

Japan-based styling brand Liese wants to hype up its presence in the social media ecosystem of Southeast Asia by leveraging Instagram marketing. 

Liese partnered with known Malaysian online personalities in promoting its AshTone Creamy Bubble Color brand to consumers in Malaysia. They decided to launch a fun and interactive Instagram Reels contest, featuring @irene.xiiaoc. To make the contest even more exciting, two iPad Pro are up for grabs.  

Participants will only have to create a before and after video of their hair when using Liese Creamy Bubble Color in Silvery Ash Gray or Midnight Ash.  

The videos should be published on Instagram Reels with the hashtags #AshCoolAsIAm #LieseAshToneChallenge, and with @liesemy in the tags.  

The contest generated over 1,600 views and 60 likes on Instagram.  

Overall, Liese was not able to boost its brand awareness efforts. But also, their Instagram Reels contest helped them to effectively engage with their followers and target audiences. 

About Liese & Kao Corp.  

Liese is Kao Corporation’s hairstyling brand. Its two core products are Liese Creamy Bubble Color and Liese Blauné Creamy Foam Color. Liese is available in several key markets in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia. Kao Corporation is one of Japan’s oldest beauty and hygiene manufacturer, having been in the industry for over 100 years.  

Kickstart Your Social Media Marketing with Digital 38  

Social networking platforms like Instagram continue to play a significant role in supporting every brand’s growth. With the right strategies, you can stay on top of your social media marketing game.  

Explore more about Instagram and the social media marketing landscape in Southeast Asia by reading some of our case studies below. 

If you need further help in getting started with your digital marketing and social media marketing plans, then we’re here to help you. 

Digital 38 is digital media agency headquartered in Singapore. We also have local teams in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, ready to assist you in achieving your business goals. 

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UE Square & Rochester Ramp Up Online Presence

Social Media Accounts for Malls: UE Square and Rochester Mall Facebook

Learn how leveraging social media accounts can help malls achieve more and do more with this example from UE Square and Rochester Mall from Singapore.  

How Having Social Media Presence, Accounts Help Malls? 

Singaporean malls UE Square and Rochester Mall wanted to increase its brand awareness to reach to more audiences and at the same time, invite them to visit their establishments.  

UE Square and Rochester Mall, in turn, beefed up its social media marketing strategies.  

Using their official accounts on Facebook, the two, iconic Singaporean malls launched various social media marketing and content marketing campaigns. These included promoting their events and limited promos from their tenants.  

Facebook also allowed them to inform their followers of the latest updates, and interact with them using Facebook Live features and interactive contests exclusively on the platform. 

Additionally, having an official Facebook page enabled UE Square and Rochester Mall to publish multiple dynamic ads on the platform, and even do some media buying campaigns. As a result, they were able to gain more followers, potentially giving their brand awareness initiatives the much-needed boost. 

About UE Square & Rochester Mall 

UE Square Shopping Mall and Rochester Mall are brands under Singapore’s United Engineers Limited (UEL). UEL is one of the city-state’s most notable groups that initiated the work-live-play-learn concepts by integrating commercial, lifestyle and residential components into one, world-class community.  

Maximise Your Online Presence with Digital 38 

Facebook remains king in terms of social networking platforms in Southeast Asia. That’s why brands like UE Square Shopping Mall and Rochester Mall jump on this opportunity to help them grow.  

If you want to know more about the social media marketing scene in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), read our articles. Just click the links below.

We can also help you come up with digital marketing and social media marketing solutions tailored-fit for your business goals.  

Contact us today, and let our specialists from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong guide you in the right direction.

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Jeju Tourism Org Invites Southeast Asia to Come & VisitJeju!


Find out how launching a social media campaign can be an opportunity for your brand to increase online visibility in Southeast Asia. Let’s take a look at how Jeju Tourism Organization is doing it.  

Jeju Tourism’s FB Campaign for Southeast Asia 

In order to boost awareness and traffic to their official website, Jeju Tourism Organization (JTO) leveraged social media platforms in tapping potential travelers from key Southeast Asian markets.  

JTO decided to go live on Facebook to target markets from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.  

With Facebook, JTO was also able to do multiple marketing strategies such as content marketing to help them turn engagements into actual visits. These included highlighting Jeju’s tourist spots and popular K-Dramas that feature some of the island’s undiscovered gems.

Careful and well-planned content planning for its four, separate Facebook pages for Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam also made it possible for the tourism organization to connect with audiences from each countries. 

Facebook continues to dominate in Southeast Asia’s social networking scene. This is why brands and groups like JTO choose to reach out to audiences in the region by establishing their presence on the Meta-owned platform. 

Launch Your Social Media Campaign in Southeast Asia 

Expanding your brand’s online presence through social media can be beneficial for its growth. If you are interested in learning more about it, read our previous articles on how brands are leveraging it for their business goals.  

You can also consult Digital 38’s team of specialists who have solid-understanding and experience in account management, content and social media marketing, media buying and planning, and search marketing. 

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