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Pauls Dairy Levels Up Facebook Presence | Digital 38

Paul’s Dairy Facebook Page Management | Digital 38

Australia’s leading dairy brand, Pauls Dairy, is stepping up its social media game by leveraging Facebook page management.  

To reach more audiences in Singapore, Pauls Dairy decided to use its official Facebook account to their advantage, and employ page management strategies. These included rolling out a content marketing tactic, and launching media buy campaigns on the social networking site.  

With these efforts, Pauls Dairy aims not only to give its brand awareness a much-needed boost. But also, to connect and engage effectively with their target audience in the city-state. 

Pauls Dairy currently has over 51,000 followers on Facebook, a top social media platform in Singapore.

Figures from digital authority showed that the Lion City has over 3.2 million monthly active users on Facebook. This makes it one of the most efficient channels for brands to reach more audiences and ultimately, connect with their target market. 

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Explore Social Media Marketing with Digital 38 

In today’s modern world, where more and more people rely on the internet, it’s hard for brands to ignore the opportunities found on social media platforms such as Facebook. Not only do they have millions of active users. But also, marketing professionals and experts have proven them as cost-effective channels to connect with your target audiences.  

Social networking sites can also be good places to drive traffic and sales to your online shop. With effective planning, you can convert engagements and interactions into conversions.  

If you’re planning to venture into social media marketing, let Digital 38 help you. With our experience spanning 15 years, we have supported hundreds of brands in their marketing goals. Including Facebook page management. 

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